This producer has become an issue for its leading actors for one of his upcoming movies. The producer is known to be a little strong headed and likes things to be done his way. For this particular movie of his, he has changed the release date of the movie a few times because of some reason or the other. Now that’s all fine, because change of release dates these days has become a part and parcel of movies and everyone had to be a little flexible due to this. But the leading pair of the movie are completely and utterly harrowed because of these sudden switch around all the time. The actors have their dates committed to other projects that they’re doing these days and the constant moving of the release date of the film is making things super-stressful for their other makers and their managers. But the producer’s stand is that it is his movie and he will only release the movie as and when the time and place is correct. Who do you think is being fair? BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine