Everyone is aware of the ganglord’s sister Haseena Aapa who ruled over the underworld with an iron hand in the 90’s and early 2000 after her brother, the No.1 gang-lord Dawood Ibrahim fled to Dubai. And the film is narrated in a back story style with the narration moving from the courts where Haseena Parkar (Shraddha Kapoor) is tried for her involvement in crimes like extortion, etc and solving business disagreements and inspite of the Public Prosecutor narrating her crimes, she is ice cold and strong and tells the courts that she is misunderstood and how can a lady who has no business knowledge and studied upto seventh standard could handle an empire of 2000 crores. Haseena is actually a young sweet girl who is happily married to a hotelier husband but her homely life changes after her husband is gunned down by Arun Gawli’s men and then after the riots and the bomb blasts in Mumbai, she gets tough and is in constant touch with her all powerful brother. Apoorva Lakhia has narrated the events precisely, like how the Kaskar family became all powerful after their constable father bore his wife 12 children and he was angry with his sons Dawood and Shabbir and often belted them but they wouldn’t relent and gunned down their arch rivals, the Pathan gang and after the killings of Alamgir, and Ameerzaada, and Samad Khan, the police declares a war on the underworld and a gang war erupts in the streets of Bombay. Shraddha Kapoor is grossly miscast but does well to portray the Haseena character as a believable one. Siddhant Kapoor as the notorious don is absolutely brilliant. Ankur Bhatia is impressive as Shraddha’s husband. Dayashankar Pandey as the cop is very good. Priyanka Sethia as the Public Prosecutor Satam is excellent. Rajesh Tailang as Haseena’s defence lawyer is good. The rest of the cast is new but deliver the goods. The dialogues are powerful. The set design of Dongri, Pakmodia Street, Mohammed Ali Road and Byculla is excellently done. The cinematography has sharp defined contours with dark palette and the film seems to be shot in dark or ill defined lighting. The editing could have been better as some of the establishing shots seem very lengthy. The music is good. Overall a good bio-pic of a lady who was a mother and a good wife but mis-understood.

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