This production house backed by an individual producer does not believe in quality work and his filmography is a testament of that fact. But because of the sheer volume of movies he is making he was able to get a very good digital deal in place. There are major question marks on the deal as it had a lot of kickbacks thrown into the mix as well. But we are not getting into that right now. The thing is that he has only a very few movies left on that expensive deal; But now he is trying to maximize the output of the deal with these last few movies. But the trouble is that he is not being able to make a big enough set up which would give him and his company maximum returns. The smaller ones don’t really fetch the kind of monies he is actually after. It will be really interesting to see what this maker eventual does to get himself out of this mess that he has created for himself. Because he knows that he is not getting a one sided multi-film deal like this ever again. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine