If there is one actor who has been on top of his game it has to be Aamir Khan. The Khan that many believe can’t do much wrong seems to have got a Midas touch as far as the the audience is concerned.

The actor exactly knows what the audience wants and delivers it in the best way possible, combining good content with power packed performance, Aamir Khan never fails to shatter the box office with his films.

His different and out there choices make him stand head and shoulders above the rest of his competitors. And one of the major reasons for his constant rise is the way the audiences adore him and back him in all that he does.

Very few stars have the ability to bring the audience into the cinemas by the truckloads like Aamir and his track record is a testament to that. It all started a decade ago in 2008 when his movie GHAJINI opened and went on to be the first 100 crore movie. After starting the 100 Crore Club, Aamir Khan also happens to be the one to start the 200 cr club, 300 cr club. The actor holds the record for the highest scoring Hindi film with Dangal at 370 crs which is yet untouched by anyone else.

Aamir Khan also happens to be the only actor with 3 films in the Top 5 films with highest worldwide collections.

With every next movie, Aamir Khan has only has bettered the number barring a few offs. It is 2018 now and the audience not only in the metros but pan India have a lot of options. Options for different kinds of movies and television shows and other things which they’re no longer consuming in a movie theatre or their television screens. In a world like that, Aamir is still the constant in bringing the audience to a cinema hall.

In the last few years, Aamir Khan’s movies are the ones to break the record of footfalls in the country and it has been steadily growing with each of his films. But his last movies have gone to do something more, something that was never expected from him or his films. And that is to push for his brand of cinema in a whole new market like China.

The number of people who now reckon with Aamir Khan’s face and name is staggering.
With the population of 1.4 billion and 1.35 billion in China and India respectively, Aamir Khan is undoubtedly the biggest Superstar in the world, geographically and effectively.

When PK released in China it was a decent success, but with DANGAL Aamir’s position as a megastar of the Chinese market was more or less cemented. After DANGAL in various polls too, he was named the biggest foreign star of the country. In fact, Chinese IMDB ranked Dangal their No.1 film and ranked Aamir Khan as No. 1 foreign actor. That massive position was further solidified when his next release SECRET SUPERSTAR was lapped up by the audiences there even though it didn’t have Aamir as the driving force in the film.

Aamir Khan’s films resonate with the people around the globe, not limiting the content to a specific age group or region. Thus, giving his films a universal appeal.

What is really exciting is that as a part of Aamir’s future is that his next few films which include the mammoth THUGS OF HINDOSTAN and the Mahabharata three-part magnum opus are already in tune to break attendance records not only in India but also across the border in China as well.

With close to 3 billion people watching your films and add to that, the diaspora audience from other countries across the globe, it won’t be wrong to call Aamir Khan, the most recognized face in the world.

By Amul Vikas Mohan 

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