Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Himansh and Zoya have a sweet chemistry together. Himansh has already grabbed lot of hearts with his performance earlier in ‘Yaariyan’ and ‘Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai’. With his sweet loving personality this time too it seems he is gonna do the same. He was the first one to get on board with ‘Sweety Weds NRI’ and Zoya wazs the last one. Last but still the best; Zoya has always entertained audiences being a child artist in movies like ‘Hum Saath Saath hai’ and few others. The cast has lot of fun on sets which clearly shows how fun this movie can be. We had a quirky chat with Himash and Zoya, which may interest you. Read on…

How was your entire experience for ‘Sweety Weds NRI?’

Zoya- It’s been a rollercoaster ride, amazing shooting with Himansh and everybody else. The chemistry we share is what you could see in the trailer, as I am getting lot of compliments on that. And the characters that we do are really fun because the girl is like crazy and guy is handling her somehow, so I think most of the friends I see who are couples and other couples too can relate to that.

Himansh- It’s been a great journey for me, journey full of roller coasters as she said, it was complete laughter ride. The most important think is once you are doing a comedy film and when you act with the actors around, looking at them with those funny expressions every time was crazy, everything was too cool and the experience working was crazy and fun. It was great working with Zoya, Darshanji and lots other actors who are doing well in Gujarati shows; the whole team combination helped us to stand out and literally helped us to deliver what director was expecting. So far we enjoyed everything and songs are so beautiful and every day we used to wait for song to shoot and time just flies during this whole shooting film.

As you said earlier you are going to try something new always, what’s different about your character this time?

Himansh- Of course, this is way different in terms of my personality. In most of the characters you will see me jumping here and them but in this you see me very composed as a person. More than that in my life, I am first time playing a Gujarati character which was more fun because I was exploring Gujarat side with this character. I learnt the body language, and as dialogues were already written I wanted to get into the feel of dialogue so I did that. We did a little bit of workshop with that director and we always make sure writer is also there because he is the one who will write for us. So it was a great journey of being Akash Patel and being with Sweety. Our relationship in film is so apt and everyone can relate to it.

As this is a Rom-Com, how difficult it is to be accurate with comedy timings? How did you work on that?

Zoya- Actually doing serious roles is really difficult, but pulling off something light hearted and making people laugh and still the character should be believable and comic timings and everything is very difficult to crack. But however difficult it is, there is lot of fun to try it. It has lot of fun for me to be this character and shoot this film.

As you told us there are veteran Gujarati actors who have done plays and stuff, did you learn something from them, in terms of comic timings?

Himansh- I felt that their comedy timings were great and you can’t stop laughing and reacting to it. Watching them with such good comic time always helped us to improve ours. The most important is writer who writes all these dialogues, he was Tariq bhai. Everything was so well packaged that we didn’t actually had to make any sort of effort for it, it happened naturally. When I heard the script I never knew these are the actors with me, but those dialogues were not the same cliché dialogues, they were so amazing and it would be fun to work on it and we will make it happen.

Zoya tell us about how did you come on board with the film?

I came on board before one week of shoot and I was the last one to get selected. I was really surprised so I asked in ‘Sweety Weds NRI’ you don’t have sweety on board. They told me they were looking for sweety as they did look lot of auditions but didn’t find the right one. I remember I was shopping with my mom when casting director called me and he said we urgently need you. I ran and came to office and they narrated me the film and I saw the title ‘Sweety weds NRI’ and I felt there is something with this film and it looks like fun. So next day they finalized me and it was very quick. There was not much time for preparation but I connected with the character.

You are familiar to this industry as you have worked as a child artist, how warm you feel knowing this industry from long and still continuing part of it?

Zoya- As a kid I was being loved a lot. My experience has been great and I remember on sets with director Suraj they all were very loving and caring and they make kids very comfortable and you don’t even feel when you completed your shot. It’s difficult to manage kids but who can do that is qualities of good director. Now it’s very different as being a lead character you are more responsible. My experience with the industry is very warm.

What’s on your list now?

Zoya- Right now promoting the film is on my list and later enjoying the audience reaction on the film (smiling).

Himansh- This year there are lot of films lined up so now I have ‘Dil Jo Na Keh Saka’, then September we have ‘Gundey and Guddiya’. Then there are two more projects in pipeline for which we are about to start.

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