International Film Festivas  attract attention not only on who were the film stars who attended the film screenings, but   who presided as members in the  film jury  in the competitive section.  Chairmen of such juries  were usually very illustrious film directors.

Fortunately succeeding IFFIs attracted its own share  of  some of the best names in world cinema. The result was often a pleasant surprise, and IFFI selections  very often led to getting noticed for the Oscar’s Awards.  For the 50th IFFI, a departure has been made by inviting the well known Hollywood cinematographer, and former President  of the Academy of Motion Picture Producers of USA, John Bailey, to serve as the Chairman of the film jury. John Bailey – chairman of the jury for the international competition this year, and  his wfe Mrs, Carol Littleton, head of Editing from the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences  conducted a Masterclass on the interplay of cinematography and film editing.

In a sense, this was a journey completing a full circle. For the first IFFI in 1952, Frank Capra was present and he was the former President of the same famed institution during the period of the Second World War.  Frank capra was world renowned filmmaker and won Oskar award for best direction three times. CinemaArticlesBollywood Trade Magazine