Hollywood studios are minting money in India with their dubbed versions and also English originals. They face a threat to the local markets especially Hindi films who take a beating at the cost of English Hollywood films like the recent horror cult classic Annabelle the Creation which has grossed more than 37 crores in India affecting the collections of Bareilly Ki Barfi and the south dubbed- VIP- 2. Another Hollywood film release was 1947- The Partition which boasts of Indian actors did not find any takers, paving the way for Annabelle the Creation. India is now a prime market for Big Hollywood studios like Warner Brothers, Fox Star Studios, Disney , etc . This trend perhaps started with the release of the super duper hit The Jungle Book which was released in India first and then in USA and UK making it the first film to do so and emerging a hit with gross collections of more than 150 crores. Also a golden spot in the Hollywood market for India was the Ang Lee directed Life of Pi which also was a huge grosser. China and India are the most biggest emerging markets for Hollywood films and now it is India which is ruling the roost as far as collections are concerned. What is it about Hollywood films and their dubbed versions that hold a fascination for the Indian audiences? Hollywood films have huge budgets, almost ten times of Hindi and Indian films budgets, their stories are original and the mounting is large, the canvas is huge and the promotions and marketing of the film is done on a huge scale. Their stars like Matt Damon, Tom Cruise, Mark Wahlberg, Harrison Ford, Kurt Russell, Michael Douglas, Jason Statham, Wesley Snipes and the biggest of them like Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis , are huge draws in India and their action filled movies are the staple diets of Indian audiences. Also their leading ladies like Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, etc are also very popular. A certain section of Indian audience prefer English Hollywood films rather than Hindi films which they consider are very tacky and running around trees for no rhyme or reason with a lot of cheap sex and glamour thrown in and with a lot of buffoonery which puts them off Hindi films. That’s where the Hollywood films score over Hindi films but considering our pan India market which varies from place to place and has a varied taste, the makers of Hindi films have to cater to audiences of all kinds. Also Hindi films are generally star driven and the content sometimes goes off the mark but one can see that even a flop Hollywood film has good content like the film Ishtar which was a debacle but is considered as a classic today. So the Hindi filmmakers need to raise the bar of their budgets and stories and production values and the overall technical slickness of the film so that we can compete with the Hollywood films. We are close to getting there with films like Bahubali-1 and 2 and we hope that more and more such films will be made by Indian filmmakers! So Hollywood here we come! Trade Magazine