Certificate: U

Director: Faraz Haider

Starring: Abhay Deol, Patralekhaa, Rajesh Sharma and Manu Rishi Chadha

Screenplay: Manu Rishi Chadha

Dialogue: Manu Rishi Chadha

Samira Bandyopadhyay’s HOPE AUR HUM is a slice of life drama; set in a present day suburban city is a simple story of a family and the three generation of the family Grand Father, Father and Grand Son. Nagesh (Naseerudin Shah) clings on his youth with a space consuming old out of order photocopy machine, once a state of the art German engineering product which he had made a living out of and was able to provide a good life to his family but today the machine is out of order and is also consuming a lot of space and because of this the grand daughter Tanu is not getting a separate room which she needs. On the other hand there is Nitin (Naveen Kasturia), Nagesh’s younger son who lives a lavish life in Dubai and comes once in a while to meet everybody but without informing and under surprising circumstances finds a love interest. And then there is Anurag (Sajid Kabir), Nagesh’s grandson who is a jovial kid and loves cricket, is forced to go to his Nani’s palace (Beena Banerjee) with his father (Aamir Bashir) there he encounters an event because of which his general behaviour changes, he loses interest in everything from cricket to playing play station to almost everything. As the three generation of people, in their three different journey struggle to find peace within, the story progresses and revels how each member of the family responds to change.

Technically the film is good, editing is fine. The use of the song in the film is very well and is used just at the right situation and hence takes the film further. Screenplay is very well written, everybody gets a good amount of screen space.

Naseeruddin Shah is brilliant as always, he is endearing, the little boy Kabir Sajid is a delight he matches steps with the acting power house. He is amazing in his performance. All the other actors Sonali Kulkarni, Aamir Bashir, Naveen Kasturia and Beena Banerjee play their part very well.

The director has directed the film very well; it looked like it was his 3rd or 4th film and not a debut. He produces a good family drama with some sweet moments.


At the box-office,

The film is a non-starter.

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