This film is set in an engineering and finance management college near Satara where the lifestyle of the students, the teachers and the education barons is depicted. Shiva (Aaroh Velankar) is the leader of the students and the students like Bachchan (Akshay Tanksale) a Bachchan fan always spewing his popular dialogues, Anna, Shakespeare, and the girls led by Prarthana Behere. Everything is hunky dory until the college owner (Vidyadhar Joshi) gets different hostel facilities for students who pay more fees and also shifts the hostel of the regular students to a more less comfortable environment. Shiva is expected to take cudgels on the students behalf but he takes a sizeable amount as commission for entrance of new students so the students accuse him but it finally dawns that he helps poor students to get admission with the same money. Meanwhile Joshi fakes the papers of the college admissions and hikes up-to the fees of the students highly which leads to the dissent among students but Shiva is accused by the college authorities of beating up the college officials but in the climax it is proved that Joshi is in the wrong and the college becomes autonomous.  Aaroh Velankar delivers a good performance. Prarthana Behere looks good and acts well. Akshay Tanksale does his funny act very well. DOP director Sanjay Jadhav as the hostel warden is very good. The music by Ajay Naik is foot-tapping and catchy. Overall a youth oriented film.


At the box-office

The film should do well.

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