The film is about the marital woes of a successful hotelier Shekhar Joshi (Subodh Bhave) and his successful ad executive wife Samaira (Mukta Barve). Mukta always complains of less attention from her husband while Subodh complains about his wife not understanding his hard work or hardships and their marriage counselor friend Ashwini (Sonali Khare Anand) tries to make their relationship a better one. The couple has two young daughters Nitya and Nysha and one fine morning Nitya is diagnosed with an extreme form of leukemia and their entire world goes up side down but Shekhar and Samaira who were contemplating divorce, come together in their times of stress and the girl even couldn’t be stopped from dying even after a bone marrow transplant from her sister and so her disappointed parents loose all hope and try to give their daughter the happiest time of her life. Debutant Vikram Phadnis has made a good sensitive film though it reminds one of films like Dying Young, my sister’s keeper, War of the Roses, Dard Ka Rishta and the Jackie Shroff starrer Jung. The direction of the film has been top notch. To debut with such a sensitive and emotional film and execute it superbly is no small feat. He’s announced himself as a director quite well with this film. Subodh Bhave is a veteran in such roles now and he delivers a power packed performance. Mukta Barve is excellent as the mother of two daughters. Sonali Khare is a welcome comeback to the big screen. She is one of the better performers in the film. Meena Naik as the understanding grandmother is superb. The two child actors Trushnika Shinde and and Nishta Vaidya are very promising. Amit Khedekar as the supportive doctor is a good actor and we should see more of him . Shiamak Davar and Hrithik Roshan in their special appearances are amazing. Atul Parchure and Vishakha Subedar shine in brief roles. The music is good and the songs are tuneful especially the children’s song. The cinematography is colorful and the color palette is easy on the eyes and the soft focus lighting too is good though the sound engineer goes overboard in recording the background talk. The background music is very good. Overall a very touching sensitive film.

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