Certificate: U/A

Director: Abhishek Dixit

Starring: Tushar Pandey, Anshuman Malhotra, Simran Sharma, Prit Kamani

Written by: Abhishek Dixit

Rajshri Productions’ HUM CHAAR is the story of four medical students Namit (Prit Kamani), Sarjo (Tushar Pandey), Abeer (Anshuman Malhotra) and Manjari (Simran Sharma) who meet on campus and become good friends. While Manjari considers them as friends, the other three are madly in love with her. This leads to a lot of drama and chaos in their friendships. The film starts with all the light moments and clichéd montages and sequences about goofing around in college. But suddenly an unfortunate incident happens and that ends their friendship. That’s about the first half and the second half takes a 4 year leap to find them leading miserable lives apart. This is when one of the friend reaches out to the rest for help. Will they respond and help out that friend in need or no and what transpires next forms the rest of the film.

There are a few plotholes in the film but it has its heart in the right place. The incident which makes them lose their friendship seemed a bit forced and unjustified. The story as well was a little on the predictable side. While the film tells us a story of friendship, it doesn’t come across as so entertaining. The second half is slow and the film seems a little repetitive.

Technically, the film is decent. Cinematography by Varun Sud is good. Paresh Manjrekar’s editing could have been much better and could have improved the pace of the film. the script was weak and was filled with plotholes here and there. The plot point didn’t seem strong enough either. The songs in the film are quite okay and aren’t chartbuster worthy.

Performances from the actors were decent as well. Prit Kamani looked good on screen and plays his role well even in the dramatic scenes. Anshuman Malhotra is average, he could have done more. Tushar Pandey is decent. Simran Sharma is okay and her character had a lot of scope.

Director Abhishek Dixit fails to entertain the audiences with this film. He manages to get decent performances from the actors but still doesn’t manage to save the film.


At the box-office

The film is a non-starter.

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