Directed By: Dhulia Bhav

Starring: SAQIB SALEEM, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Aahana Kumra, Ranvir Shorey

Synopsis: Rangbaaz is based on a criminal’s life who was feared even by the government and how the government formed a STF to end his reign.

What it is all about: RANGBAAZ is a crime-thriller show which is inspired from real life events. RANGBAAZ brought to us by ZEE 5 is the nine-episode web series shows the journey of one of the most feared gangsters from Uttar Pradesh during the nineties – Shiv Prakash Shukla played by Saqib Saleem. The deadly gangster is alleged for committing more than 20 murders at the age of 25. The series starts with the formation of the Special Task Force to eliminate Shri Prakash Shukla. A young hacker, who has been deputed to help the Task Force is surprised that Prakash’s age is almost equivalent to him. The whole story is then told in a non-linear manner, leading to the moment when the STF finds out Shri Prakash Shulka’s whereabouts.

What we liked: The story being based on a crime, was expected to be full of thrills and action. The show is emotional, intense and raw and that is what makes this a fun watch. The creators of the show have done a fantastic job of bringing this show to the screen and in such a way. The show is full of grit and violence and it doesn’t hold back. The show is based in the nineties and the production design of the same has been done nicely. We see Saqib playing the character through a timeline in the first episode – the scared, young boy who’s on the verge of falling into a life of crime to someone who doesn’t bat an eyelid before shooting at cops. This is easily one of Saqib’s best roles we have seen till date and he nails this one bang on. He manages to come across menacing in this role and that is what gives the show an extra dose of reality. We get to see various shades of his characters and he has given a wonderful performance with this one. LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA fame Aahana Kumra plays Babita – Saqib Saleem’s love interest and appears within the first minute and has this air of mystery about her. She does her job nicely. Ranvir Shorey is the cop who is after Saqib Saleem and is quite good in playing the angel standing against Saqib’s devil. Tigmanshu Dhulia is at his usual best.



The show has almost no drawbacks and with an interesting plot which has been inspired from real life and including some great actors, the show has the potential to become one of the best Indian shows that we have seen till date.

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