What it is about: The series begins with Aarav, a young college boy, trying to woo a girl named Angelina. However, after she refuses to accept his proposal, Aarav fakes a suicide attempt. Confusion leads to an ever-busy Yamraj (Baba Sehgal) mixing up surnames and taking away Aarav Joshi’s life instead of a Siddharth Joshi. Thanks to this goof up, Aarav is now waiting to be inducted in either heaven or hell. A string of turns ends up with Aarav entering Purva’s life. Purva is a loser in the eyes of not only his parents but also his neighbours.

What we liked: Bhoot Purva is a unique story of two friends from different worlds who help each other with their problems. Omkar Kapoor, Rishab and Zoa have done complete justice to their parts along with Baba Sehgal and the modern twist to his character of Yamraj, Bhoot Purva is undoubtedly a mass entertainer of the season.  Bhoot Purva is a tightly written script and has enough gags to make this a comfortable onetime watch for the entire family.

Throughout the series, we see spooky elements, punctuated by satire, tickle our funny bones but also scare us to an extent. A tightly bound script provides a solid backing to the storyline that is packed with hilarity and imagination. Rishab as the wishy-washy, over-sentimental ghost is quite a refreshment from the blood-smeared ghostly figures we see on the screen regularly. Omkar brings his charm along and drives the episodes to a successful climax. His performance prevents humour to fizz out easily. As for Zoa, her craft has gone from 0 to 100 from the word go. Slipping under Angelina’s skin comes easily to her and doesn’t look like a drag attempt.

What we didn’t like:  Bhoot Purva is good but it is one of those watch and forget series. It is a comedy which depends on old school charm and suits best for a classic TV material.

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