Synopsis:Mr & Mrs Malhotra about to hit the forties seek professional help from a puzzling therapist who dredges up the most bizarre moments in their family’s life be it the quality of their sex life, the quirks of their three kids or the antics of the husband’s annoying mother.

What it’s about:MIND THE MALHOTRAS is adapted from the much appreciated Israeli series ‘La Familigia’.Mind The Malhotras is an Amazon prime original miniseries with the first season consisting of nine episodes of twenty odd minutes each. Cyrus Sahukar and Mini Mathur play Rishabh and Shefali Malhotra, an upwardly mobile couple living with three children, two girls who are twins and one boy, and also Rishabh’s annoying mother. The couple decide to take professional help and decide to go and see a couple therapist after hearing several cases of their peers considering/going through a divorce. During During the weekly visits to Dr.GulfamRastogi (Denzil Smith), as they recount details of their week to the therapist, we learn of the drama in the Malhotra household.A number of their issues are familiar to urban couples – keeping up appearances, parenting, a pesky mother-in-law (Sushmita Mukherjee) and the idiosyncrasies of their three children Jia, Dia and Yohan.

What we liked:The biggest thing that works in the favour of the show is the lead pairing of Cyrus Sahukar and Mini Mathur. They play their roles brilliantly and their chemistry looks great on the screen and it is them who really add soul to this series. Another thing is that the show is light and not too heavy on the head, couple it with it just being 20 odd minutes long, makes it a bearable watch. No need to binge the series as well as every episode is a different story, a different conflict. This also makes it one of India’s first sitcoms, though not so great but it says we are getting there. You also relate and in some way connect to the characters as well.The concept of the show is also quite decent and interesting and some scenes do tickle our ribs.

What we didn’t like:The show has a great concept and a very interesting premise, and it is funny too. The situations are funny as well, but a lot of these situations lack the desired punch. While the show does manage to make us laugh in some places but the writing isn’t strong enough.

MIND THE MALHOTRAS now exclusively streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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