Synopsis: Manav’s childhood friends reunite at his resort for a fun-cation. Their romantic plans turn hilariously dangerous when they realise that their holiday destination is haunted.

What it is about:  The show starts with a couple who decide to stay at this grand resort located behind a graveyard and hasn’t seen any guests in ages. They lose their lives eventually due to a terrible tragedy during their stay. Later, A group of friends, Vishwas, Puchki, Ruchi, Veer, Khushi, Sartaj, Zara and Shalu decide to go on a trip to the same resort owned by their friend, Manav (Tusshar Kapoor), with the greed of getting a free stay. As they arrive, Manav gives a tour of the resort and then they start feeling a supernatural presence in the Hotel and start feeling suspicious about the disappearance of some people. This supernatural entity then takes them on a hilarious and a scary ride. The friends now must find out who is haunting the resort and why, or else they won’t be able to leave the resort with their lives intact. This forms the crux of the story.

What we liked: Tusshar Kapoor gives a good performance and has very good comic timing which makes certain scenes funnier. Krushna Abhishek and Kiku Sharda are brilliant in their respective roles. They seem natural in their scenes. The rest of the cast is well versed in the slapstick comedy genre and with the makers wanting it that way, doesn’t come out bad at all. The script writers have gone the spoof way, so some of the most iconic concepts from horror films, end up spoofed – which comes out quite nicely at the end of it all. While it is all funny and spoof, albeit being scary as well, the plot and the story keeps the viewers interested.

What we did not like: Booo…. Sabki Phategi is a well-made web series. However, the production design is not really upto the mark. The VFX is kind of a letdown as well, especially with the advanced technology we have today. This is a horror comedy, which has slapstick humour is good but again a lot of the jokes aren’t so out of the box, you only wish they could have been a tad bit better so it would improve the fun even more.  Also, the women characters are wasted in the series.

BOOO…. SABKI PHATEGI streaming on ALT Balaji Trade Magazine