Director: Rohan Sippy and Debbie Rao

Starring: Mukul Chadda, Gauahar Khan, Ranvir Shorey, Gopal Datt, Sayandeep Sengupta, Samridhi Dewan, Priyanka Setia, Abhinav Sharma, Gavin Methalaka

What it is about:  It is a remake of 2001 sitcom which was helmed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant The show chronicles 9-5 schedule of employees at Wilkins Chawla Paper Company. As the employees go through their mundane routine, the situations trigger laughter.

What we liked: From Jagdeep Chadda to TP Mishra and Pammi Goyal, characters are relatable in this slice-of-life comedy show.  Plenty of attention has been paid to detail, with the Wilkins Chawla Paper Company’s Faridabad branch looking like a carbon copy of Dunder Mifflin’s branch in Scranton. The characters of Amit and Pammi played by Sayandeep Sengupta and Samridhi Dewan take some time to grow on you. In the beginning it’s hard to relate with them and you won’t find any chemistry but soon they start bringing a smile on your face.

 What we did not like: The Web Series is lost in translation. The acting is also average. One of the key drawbacks of a faithful remake is that dialogues, which drive any show, will have to be translated almost verbatim. However, the jokes and anecdotes do not evoke the same reaction as they are often lost in translation. The balance between not wanting to ruin the ‘X-factor’ and putting out fresh, innovative content has clearly gone awry.

The office is now streaming on hotstar. Trade Magazine