Synopsis: Three young friends in Goa plan to search an old villa for ghosts, but when a new family moves in, the home’s buried past resurfaces in chilling ways.

What it’s about: The show begins in the year 1983 in Bardez Villa, Goa. There is a young girl named Jenny who complains to her grandfather that someone is there in her room. The story then shifts to present day and we see that JennyFernandes (Palomi Ghosh) has all grown up and has moved to the same villa with her husband and kids. But the mansionremains haunted with her late grandfather’s typewriter. She returns to this villa after leaving this place 35 years ago. We also have our young protagonists in the series; Sameera/Sam (Aarna Sharma), Gablu (Mikail Gandhi), and Bunty (PalashKamble), with their beloved pet Buddy, are passionate but clueless members of a Ghost Club, who are hell bent on finding out the details of The Ghost of Sultanpore, which was set in Bardez Villa and was written by Jenny’s grandfather. The children often bunk their schools to decode the book, especially when the murders occur. They use a neglected boathouse as a safehouse/hideout. The boathouse belongs to Moses, a drunkard who then turns out to be a key element in this whole mystery.

What we liked: The series is truly well made and it weaves together quite a brilliant story. This comes also at a time when there’s not much good content for the kids and forms a good addition in that department. The makers have kept it a simple story and have stuck to the point and haven’t deferred from it to do anything; not even a romantic angle, no woke subjects in the films. This kind of story and storytelling comes much as a breath of fresh air. The film touches upon good Goth elements, black magic and what not and it really steps up to give like for like competition to its international counter parts, I mean I’m not saying one is better than the other but Indian content is slowly getting there. The characters have been described quite brilliantly here and that’s one of the reasons the show works so well, especially when it’s horror. The back stories, or the past of the journey of a character matters all that much and the makers have kept these things in mind and have amended it into the show well. The series keeps up a decent pace throughout. The actors, including the kids to the adults have done quite a commendable job.

What we didn’t like: As mentioned above, it’s getting there. As much as the writers have tried to keep the show and the script tight, there are loopholes that they could have addressed. Some story arcs were just ignored, which could have been worked upon. Also, another thing that was mentioned above that the majers have taken the backstory and everything into account, yes but then they don’t dwell too deep into it, maybe if they had, it would have been even better.

This is a show you can watch and it being a 5 episodic mini-series, can definitely binged over the weekend.

TYPEWRITER, now exclusively streaming on Netflix.

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