Interview By: Hasti Doshi

After playing a grey character in ‘Baadshao’ she’s back with another strong character of an income tax officer’s wife in her film ‘Raid’. Ileana is a chipper and creates such joyus aura around her for people which makes her the most attractive person in the room. Excerpts-

How much do you know about Income tax raids?

I don’t know much about it and I don’t like them (smiling). I don’t understand paper work and it’s quite complicated for me so I have a C A. I think I have been on the other side of this and didn’t know much but during this film I got to know a lot about it and also about the officers. I think it’s an amazing story. It’s no dramatization and all real an when you watch the film, you might think that all this actually happened for real and that will surprise you.

What sort of preparations or research you did for your role?

I haven’t don’t any preparation for my any film till not and not even for this. I didn’t even meet the officer or his wife and heard their story all from the director. But I feel the officer’s wife is very spunky women when Ajay told me the story it really interested me. I feel content really matters and that’s what works for this film. I would say she’s spunky because she’s not that typical women who is busy with her own daily chores, this one is outspoken and equal to men and I liked playing her. I really liked the character of Malini even though it has less screen space but it’s fun.

How much did you enjoy playing the grey role in ‘Baadshao’?

I had a lot of fun playing that character of a bad girl and now i feel it’s little boring to play good girl. I know it sounds wrong but I really did enjoy playing that role where she’s so strong and manipulative.

Would you like to be part of a biopic where you portray somebody? And whom?

I have really not thought about it as it’s very tricky to play anyone and if I take anyone’s name and that person could be thinking that she’s the last person I would like her to play me ( Joking). I think it’s one of the things which I would hear and then know it. May be I would like to play a Queen.

Would you like to do more such out and put negative roles?

Yes if it’s well written, like ‘Baadshao’. Thankfully the time have change where she’s not wearing red lipstick and stuff but visually too she’s manipulative and smart.  My idea of a bad girl is by brains, she should be intelligently bad and someone who in her head is so dark and twisted in head.

Is that the reason of you picking your roles different and also for ‘Raid’?

Yes, I think Malini is very spunky women and I like such roles. I also wanted to somewhere balance my role and do this one. She’s somewhere cheeky and the way she talks to her husband is quite interesting and I like it. I like to pick such roles which very few would do.

Would you still prefer doing south films?

I would love to do and I just want a really good script for that. I wouldn’t like to go back after 5 to 6 years back to something’s that not really good and doesn’t have anything for my role.

What sort of films are you targeting to do ahead?

For me I think it might sound little selfish but what matters is that is the role appealing and interesting and will it touch the masses, and how different is it. It’s not easy to get more ‘Barfi’ but I would like to do more such films, and I had a lot of fun doing ‘Mubarakan’ and it was a film where you just had to keep your brains aside and enjoy. I like to do both sort of films and have mix of everything, yet ‘Baadshao’ was the most satisfying role for me.

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