Sometimes the importance of days goes a long way. This year on 31st of May dad passed away and left a hole so big in all our hearts that I personally don’t think I can ever fill it in my entire lifetime a hundred times over. But it’s words that still echo in my head all day long, that make me want to get out of bed and try to achieve a little bit of something extra on any given day.

A couple of months before dad passed, he hand wrote a little note for me, it was all mundane stuff. Things Anshul and I should go in the coming few days, work related. But the last line of the note read, All the best! I went out and got those words in dad’s hand writing tattooed on my forearm because I feel his blessings and his words will always spur me on. I got that tattoo on dad’s birthday 13th of June this year.

Since his birthday though I was thinking about the next important date and it was 1st of December. That’s the date when dad married mom 32 long years ago. So Anshul and I wanted to give something extra special to mom and remember dad on this day with some more heart. So for this date we decided to launch my first film production all the way in Lucknow. We got mom to fly down for the first day of shoot and that’s not all, made her give the first clap of the film as well. I could see she was very emotional about it all, but I knew she was at the same time a little bit proud, a little happy, and a little bit assured. Now 1st of December is always going to be with mom for two very obviously important reasons. That was the plan all along. I just hope that wherever dad is he is a little proud of what Anshul and I that’s always going to our motto.

It maybe baby steps but it’s our baby steps. It’s maybe right or wrong, but it will be our right decision or our wrong one. Trade Magazine