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Directorate of Film Festival / Ministry of I&B in collaboration with the Ministry of External Affairs and Embassy of People’s Republic of China organized a festival of 7 India/China films at Sirifort Auditorium II, New Delhi from 22nd to 24th Dec 2018. The festival had 3 well acclaimed Indian films and 4 Chinese films. Though it was a quiet festival, in the sense that there was no formal inauguration of the festival as is normally done for various such type of foreign film festivals, yet the festival was well received by the hard core film lovers of Delhi.

Following well acclaimed Indian films were screened:

Maacher Jhol – 108 Min/Bengali/2017

Maacher Jhol is a heartwarming tale of a world renowned master-chef returning to his roots through a bowl of fish curry, the quintessential Bengali delicacy.

Dangal – 161 Min/Hiindi/2016

Former wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two wrestler daughters struggle towards glory at the Commonwealth Games in the face of societal oppression.

Ventilator – 143 Min/Marathi/2016


Gaju Kaka who never makes an appearance is breathing his last in the hospital few days before the Ganpati festival. As the news of his illness spreads, the entire extended family gathers to show their support, at the hospital. But as the family gathers and meets after a long time, a lot more happens in the hospital’s waiting room.


In addition the festival had 4 Chinese films.

CZ12, aka Chinese Zodiac A man searches the world for a set of mystic artifacts. The twelve bronze heads of the animals from the Chinese zodiac.
Lost in Thailand On a wild road trip, three men find inner peace in the city that never sleeps.
Brotherhood of Blades The film is set in 1627, towards the end of the Ming dynasty, when a young emperor decides to end the influence of all-powerful eunuch Wei and purge his supporters. Caught in the midst of the intrigue are three lowly cash-strapped warriors from the Imperial Assassins, who are given orders to find and kill Wei.
Wolf Totem In 1969, student Chen Zhen is sent to the Chinese region of Inner Mongolia to teach shepherds. Instead, he learns about the shepherds and the bond they share with the wolvesl.


The India China film festival was well received. The efforts made by  Sh. Anupkumarand Ms. Indrani Bose, Deputy Director /DFF as the nodal officer for the India China Film festival are appreciable, as the time for organizing this festival was too short.I look forward to another India China film Festival in near future also.

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