I’ve been seeing him around for so many years, but it is only in the last three-four years we became so close that it filled the gap of 25 years. I only came to know I was so close to him till I lost him. We had developed a very strong bond in the last few years. You call him at 2’o clock in the night, or at 6 in the morning, he is always there for you and if need be ready to help. The only reason I became the president of IFTPC is because of Vikasji. I never wanted to be the president because there were so many seniors and I already had so many other things but I don’t know how he had the ability to convince me for so many things. I remember when I met him on last Sunday in the hospital before he became critical; he put his hand on my head and gave me aashirwaad. We did our signature thumbs-up gesture. I think he is not totally valued by the industry. May be that’s not intentional but he was a very undervalued person. The industry is going to miss him. I’ve spoken to so many actors, producers about him and they all have just one thing to say that they will miss him. There is going to be a vacuum at least in my life. The way he used to handle every issue of the industry from the interaction with workers to producers was amazing. May God bless his soul!



Vikasji was very close friend. He was like family. Whenever there would be any problem, he would always be the first person to stand by you. He was very fun loving and I’ve had a very long association with him since years. His health deteriorated in the last few months but in spite of that, he kept meeting me regularly and was concerned about everything – Whether it was about the association or someone’s personal problems, he went out of the way to help. He had a great helping nature. He was like my brother and his sons are like my own sons. He was a good family man. I’m sure Amul and Anshul will take the legacy of their father forward and make him proud. Vikasji would be proud of bringing up them so well. He was a big follower of Mataji and went to visit Mataji every year once or twice without fail. Many people from the industry including me were fortunate and would like to thank him for being able to visit Mataji only because of him. Everybody will agree that he was a gem of a person. Only I can say that he departed early. He worked very hard and most important selflessly. My deepest condolences to his family and May God bless his soul.



My friendship with Vikasji was a 25 year long one. He was a kind man and always made sure to go out of his way to help people out. We met every Tuesday to go to the Siddhiviniyak and MahaLaxmi Temple followed by lunch at China Garden. This was our weekly ritual for many years and I am glad we made some great memories together. I will truly miss his presence in my life. I am glad to have known him and been his friend… may his family find the strength to bear this loss. My heartfelt condolences. May his soul Rest in Peace…Jai Mata Di!



Vikas ji had always been extremely supportive of me. I had a very good rapport with him, which I am sure most people in the industry had and it went beyond trade figures. Even when he wanted to place Anshul, he called me and told me to keep him as an AD. We had that sort of comfort with each other. It’s a testimony to the kind of man he is when you see how much his sons love him and how grieved the family is. That says a lot about the kind of person one is. The kind of rapport he had that so many people is evident from the fact that so many of them turned up when he was unwell. Even when Vikas ji was angry, he would call up people and tell them. And then you would have to pacify him like a child. I like people who are straight forward. There were no two faces to him. That was a good quality about him, that he expressed himself and was very transparent in his relationship with people.



Vikasji was a genuine friend and a true leader, ready to help everybody anytime. We will miss him always.



Vikasji was not only my elder but he was an elder to the film industry. I find it very shocking to speak about him in past tense. He was so full of life and energy. He was always very helpful and supportive. Whenever there were issues and problems, his first priority was to help resolve them. He was the first ‘go-to’ person. You just call him and he was always there to help you. So he will be terribly missed. There were so many instances where he intervened and resolved issues between two parties. My only regret is that we spent lot of time and tried to release Gulzar Sahab’s ‘Libaas’ which remains his unfulfilled dream and I just hope we are able to fulfill that dream along with Amul and Anshul.



Vikasji was like a ‘messiah’ of this industry. He was the man who was running the industry knowingly or unknowingly. He used to own every problem and everyone’s problem and solve them without bias. I don’t think we will find a human being like him ever again. Actually it’s a huge loss for every one of us. We won’t be able to realise it now but few months now it will be evident. He was a very righteous man who used to support the right thing and was never be partial to anyone irrespective of whether the concerned person was a producer, actor or worker in today’s world if you support the right thing you face lot of criticism but he was never afraid of supporting the right thing. He used to handle things in such a nice way and so calmly. Every one respected him a lot and there is no two ways about it. ‘Loss’ is a minimum word honestly. We all are so clueless and helpless now. They say you can fill in the blanks but the fact is that nobody can ever fill his place. He used to work for the association selflessly, run the paper and talk. We all pray for his soul and may he rest in peace.



Vikasji was my elder brother. He was a born leader and I haven’t seen such a self-sacrificing person like him in my life and in this industry. Even if it was in the middle of the night, he used to there to resolve issues without thinking about his health or comfort. Whatever he has done, it’s for the people. He was instrumental in taking the film industry forward and also helped in achieving the kind of recognition it deserved. He shared good relationships with everyone – it may be the stars big or small, music companies or producers, in this industry. People used to respect him a lot and you can see this by the fact that people will be happy to oblige only on the mention of Vikasji’s name. It’s very rare to come across such a nice human being and this is going to be a biggest loss for this industry to face not for today or tomorrow but for years to come. We don’t have persons like Vikasji in this industry and we are going to miss him always. If you want to go for Vaishno Devi worship however big the group may be he was the only person that could arrange for the trips. It’s a loss not just for the trade but for the entire film industry. It’s unfortunate that our government doesn’t recognize genuine people belonging to the entertainment industry who have done so much for this country. The government should wake up and give him the deserved Padma Vibhushan for the work he has done for the industry. The industry should payback and an award should be instituted in the name of Vikas Mohan in honour of him may be like ‘Journalist of the year’ or ‘Most helpful person of the year from the film industry’. Gradually we will learn the importance of this man. Vikasji was there for everyone and everyone is there for him. And that is very rare. You can see the respect he had in the industry when stalwarts like Amitabh Bachchan and Akhshay Kumar left their work and came to pay homage to him. I literally don’t have words to express my feelings but there can be no other person like him in trade or in the industry. He was very neutral and fair. He never thought about himself. He always worked for the benefit of others. He used to take the lead to solve problems of producers, actors and everyone in the best possible way he can even if he had to sacrifice his sleep for that. That was very commendable on his part. We will miss his scolding even though we were afraid of that it was his love for us in disguise and it kept motivating us. Whatever we are is because of his constant guidance and support. I know him since many years and I have seen him make his way through all the ups and downs in his life. I also do remember how he started Super Cinema in spite of all kinds of resistance. He took Super Cinema to the number one position in the industry and also helped in making it the ‘mouth-piece’ of the industry. People look up to Super Cinema to know about the happenings in the industry. Vikasji will always shower his blessings on us. Amul and Anshul are like my own sons and for Vikasji we can lay our lives.



He always stood up for everyone whether the person was known to him or not known if he thought he needs to be there for him he was there one did not have to tell him in so many words. He was my pillar of support and took up for me whenever I needed his support. He was my caring brother; I remember when he had suffered a heart attack in Hyderabad and had to undergo a surgery I was with him throughout and was his only family there along with Bhabhiji. He always kept that in mind Bhabhiji reminded me of the same the day I visited him at the hospital last week. Love you Vikasji Rest in Peace!



For me it’s more of a personal loss since I’ve known Anshul for more than 15 years now. They are like my family. Vikas uncle has always been so supportive and helpful for everyone in the industry. If there was any problem we would know he would be able to solve it within no time. Now if there’s any problem, we do not really know who to go to. It’s going to be a huge loss for the industry.



Vikas ji is the father figure to the entire industry and he is the only man who was the bridge between the producers and FWICEr.  Whenever there was a problem he would  sort it out in  a jiffy. It’s a huge loss for the FWICE and especially to me as I had developed a very close bond with him. He was the only person who we rushed to discuss our problems. We cannot imagine anyone like him.



It is rarity in the film industry to see for any man to be genuinely respected by everyone across the board. Mr.Vikas Mohan was one such man. Over the years he gained the love and respect of every member of the film industry. He was known to be a fair and wise man, which is why countless of disputes and problems of the film industry were solved by him. Super Cinema gave voice to his views and even when he made a remark it came from his immense love for Cinema and the people making it. Mr. Vikas Mohan will be missed and remembered for a long time and it his heartening to see his legacy continues in his sons whose conduct and upbringing speaks volumes for the kind of man Mr Mohan was as he and his creation Super Cinema now lives through them.



Vikasji was an amazing soul he was full of life laughter and he was always ready to extend a helping hand always there for people in industry who needed help may God rest his soul in peace.



“Vikasji was ‘The Evergreen One’. Always full of life and fire at the same time. He gave of himself willingly and never stopped for anything or anybody once he believed in a cause. You could never be indifferent to him. He was completely different from anyone I’ve ever met or worked with in our industry. He fought for workers, he fought for actors, he fought for producers….he fought for the film industry and lived for the film industry. His commitment was above all else and can rarely be matched. Vikasji’s spirit will always be an inspiration for all.”



I will miss Vikasji for his earthy style and colorful language which he used with excellent effect in resolving disputes between the producers and the members of the Federation. Under his rather unorthodox style of functioning, his heart was always in the right place. Whether members of his own association or the members of the Federation, he always found ways to skillfully coax, plead, pamper, cajole and even bulldoze them into a satisfying solution. I was new when I, as the President of the Federation, happen to land right in the middle of the heat and dust of the new MoU. Vikasji, aware of my inexperience of the stormy fights that usually take place between producers and office bearers of the Federation in such negotiations, made me feel comfortable and welcome! We enjoyed meeting him regardless of how tough the situation was or how precarious was the relationship between his association and the Federation. We knew that no matter what happened, Vikasji will find a way out sooner or later to smoothen things. I hope his association carries on his legacy.



I met Vikas Mohan for the first time while he was making Gulzar’s ‘Libaas’. I found him exuberant and friendly. Susequently the Industry was at war with the trade papers and with support of some IMPA members he decided launch an Industry friendly trade weekly Complete Cinema. Although not a journalist he began successfully bringing out the magazine. But it was many years later that I discovered the true Vikas. During any crisis which the Industry or an individual producer or professional faced a problem Vikas would be at the forefront rallying others to help. It is this quality of Vikas I will miss him for. Not only was he well informed about all the goings on in the trade he was also insightful about box-office merits of a film. He would often call me for advice on Government matters and always asked me to write an article for all his special issues. A few months ago he called me saying he was unwell and I presumed it was something to do with his (he had had an open heart surgery a few years). I told him not to worry he would be fine. Alas this was not to be. The chota cheta (as the late Gulshan Rai used to call him) has left us. Vikas, I will miss you every time I read Super Cinema. You will always be in my heart. Farewell my friend.



ONE of The Strongest Bones of The Body of FILM-MEDIA of CINEMA in INDIA —

Knowing HIM Well for Around Three-Decades — I have ¨THIS¨ to SAY — That HE Had Been – FRANK , FEARLESS & FARE in his Dealings  In PERSON & PRINT TOO -to All in The TRADE — Calling SPADE  A  SPADE Was in The SYSTEM of His Personality in  The TRADE — Some Times Upon Losing TEMPER -HE Would USE The Non-Printable Language —- BUT—- Keeping Concern That NO HARM IS Done To The Person At  FAULT  -Out of His HARSH – BUT – SWEET – Typical Abusive -Language- At The Same TIME. VIKAS MOHAN — The SUPER-MAN -Behind –  ¨SUPER-CINEMA¨ Will SURE Be Missed By All His Well-Wishing WISE – FRIENDS & Equally Missed By A Bundle of So-Called FRIENDS – OTHERWISEONES TOO .

A Long-Time- Well-Wishing-ONE

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