Films are used as a medium of entertainment and have touched our lives in various forms. Along with that, Social media is a huge platform for people to showcase their options and ideas. It is the most powerful medium to bring a change or create a trend. When these two important aspects of our lives are combined and have influence on each other directly or indirectly it creates a huge impact. Word-of-mouth has always been a very effective tool at either propelling or sinking movies. The same way social media is now a new instrument to make a movie or break a movie at the theatres.

Now everyone is on social platforms to talk about issues and also share their opinions, which also include the opinions of a film. Comments posted by audiences on Twitter, Facebook or any social medium can sway public opinion and ticket sales. “Now, with social media, it travels at the speed of light.” Similarly, five years ago, when social media was still blooming and taking its place in the world, the things were different in all the scenarios. Cinema had a different way to judge whether the movie is a hit or a flop, earlier when the film hit the theatres on Friday, they used to get a grace period till Monday. Then Monday was the real test for a film, are people still going to watch the film on weekdays? irrespective of their work and is the film still doing well with the numbers at box office. So, if it does well on Mondays too, then it was declared a hit and if not, a flop. But till the time the movie was declared whether it is a hit or a flop it had already earned approximately 25 Cr to 30 Cr on weekends. So a movie can be a flop at 30 Cr but comparing it with today’s scenario things have tremendously changed. If it’s a Friday release the film can be declared flop on Friday itself and bring down the film due to the power of social media and it hardly collects 15 Cr to 20 Cr. So the business has totally changed for the film makers and it is very important that people talk good about a film on social platforms; which directly affects the film business. A film can open with big numbers but as soon as it is available on the public domain, which is a huge thing now, people’s perception perceives the movie, which later the film eventually end up receiving no numbers.

We at Super Cinema also have a box office forecast where we predict the approximate number a film will make looking at the various aspects of the film like, who’s the actor, director and their work in past years along with the genre they have opted and whether they have worked together earlier or no. These were just few examples where we look forward at a predicted number of the film, which it will earn at the box office. As, now you do not have the grace period till Monday, this year too there have been bigger films which have faced the wrath of the social media and eventually closing with 18 Cr to 20 Cr and hence declared a flop.

As there have been lot of talks regarding the content of the film which is considered the hero now. It has become very difficult for filmmakers to provide a relatable content to their audience, which brings them to the theatres to watch their film. With the population of 1.2 billion people, India’s highest footfall for a film is hardly 8 – 10 Cr people, which is approximately 10 % of the population. When that small number of people are influenced to not watch the film it is a huge problem for the filmmakers and the film to reach out and do business. So it is very important to have a good content in the film and have good impact on people’s opinions to influence more audience through the power of social media. Movie viewers are immediately sharing opinions on a massive scale, and that means a film’s fate is likely to be decided much faster and then amplified.

Influence is often misunderstood, but it is potent. Influence is causing effect or changing behavior. In the age of social media, viewers have become participants in real-time experiences. And many are also becoming critics; simply what they say and share online. Social network activity certainly influences behavior. With the help of social media every one is a critic now and even we do it, when we like a film we appreciate the film but when it can’t meet our expectations we disregard the film. And our influence is potent because we pay to watch the film and thus we hold a right to state our opinions regarding the same. From the rise of technology taking over this suitable medium likely known as internet, which everyone has rolled down to the other side; The influence and the impact of social media on films has reached to the next level and not only on films but internet is influencing our lives in many other ways as well…

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