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Irshad kamil is a contemporary lyricist who gave us blockbuster songs from films like ‘Sultan’, ‘Tamasha’, ‘Aashiqui 2’, ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ and many more.  He is articulate and elegant with his thoughts and loves to express his words in variations. We spoke to him about his vibrant Ink band which he feels is an ideal band to convey what the youths feels and expresses them in a poetic way. Read on…

What was the starting point for Ink Band?

It’s basically because there is a need to connect with the youth with their kind of poetry. Now-a- days we see that the youth or any other people in social media can’t really express their feeling with the correct words. So I had a thought since I am writing all kinds of songs and with today’s generation liking so why not I start something which is totally devoted to the youths. So this is a fast poetry band, we are doing these kinds of shows since 2015. I am trying to connect with people’s emotions because most of the people like my songs so the way I am writing my poetry is also connecting with the audience. And it’s not coming from my end; it’s simply that I am trying to express the youth’s feelings.

By empathizing with the youth and expressing their feeling there must be a need to be around them to know them; so how does that happen?

I actually hang out with young people and share a good bond with them so with this it’s easier in way to know them and can express how they feel. We live in the same society and are aware of the things that are happening in the society. So we don’t have to work a lot on that; also the way we are using SMS and chatting language has changed our way of expressing our feelings.  At times what happens is we want to express our feelings but we don’t get the correct words to express it. With Ink band I am trying to connect with the youth’s feeling through correct words.

Ever since your first song to now, it’s been a long journey so with this how evolved do you feel?

Experience teaches you everything; it takes you from any situation and as you keep on writing and experience the situations then you automatically know how to handle situation, particularly to handle film situations. Every person evolves with their own experiences so even I have evolved. And the expression that I am conveying via ink band is one of the expressions of my evolvement.  When I thought, when I can say so many things through  songs so I have more than that to say hence ink band was created.

In an interview you had said you are extremely sensitive, is that one of the reasons you express it through your words?

I believe sensitivity has different degrees; I am overall sensitive about things.  I am sensitive towards the society, towards our generation, our nation.  I think every aspect of life is sensitive; until unless the person doesn’t express the way he wants to express.  And not everything you need to say in words, there are things which we have to understand without saying. If you’re in a relationship you cannot say everything, there are times when you express your feelings from your eyes so that’s one of the sensitivity where you can express one’s feelings without saying a word.  And when I express things it’s not because I can’t say so I express it through my songs; it’s that rebellion in me which wants to see a complete comfort, wants to see a perfect world and that’s in all writers. Life is an inspiration for me; what I write is all from the life experiences.  Apart from that I read a lot so that’s one of the sources of inspiration.

Your collaboration with Imtiaz Ali has been from the film ‘Socha  Na Tha’  how would you describe your journey with him and super hit songs that you’ve given?

I’ve done almost all films with Imtiaz Ali and there’s one more Ali, Ali Abbas Zafar with whom I’ve done all songs too.  Now I’m also doing his next film ‘Bharat’, so my collaboration with these two talented directors has been amazing and to work with them is a pleasure.  I get to learn something or the other from both of them.

What’s your take on recreated songs that’s been a trend off lately?

To be honest I am not in that zone to think a recreated song is a very good thing because to create the originals is the biggest thing ever and secondly those are the  golden works done by the last generation which we are recreating it now and if we only focus on recreating music then what will our upcoming generation take from us.  I respect originals more than re-created work.

Lastly, your favorite track from your own list of songs?

It’s too tough to choose though but the latest is “Dil Diyan Gallan” which is my favorite.

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