Reliance JioInfocomm has finally unveiled the much awaited and anticipated data plans and their prices of its JioFIber services. After making an announcement last month, Jio Fibre had become the talk of every town and house in India. With them providing so many services at once and even more to those who were the “premium” subscribers, there was a lot of speculation about what their pricing range could be. Now the plans and the tariffs have been finally revealed and I have mixed feelings about them.

JioFiber plan rentals will start at Rs 699 and will go up to Rs 8,499. The lowest tariff will start with 100 Mbps speed. Most tariff plans come with access to all the services. This offer will entail free Jio Home Gateway device (worth Rs. 5,000), Jio 4K Set Top box (worth Rs. 6,400), two months of extra service, and double data. Additionally, the offer includes free three-month access to JioCinema and JioSaavn apps for Bronze subscribers. The Silver plan subscribers will get three-month subscription for OTT apps, whereas Gold, Diamond, Platinum and Titanium plan subscribers will get free annual subscription for OTT apps. It is unclear which OTT apps will be included in the subscription.the JioFiber subscribers for JioForever Gold annual plan will get a free Muse 2 Bluetooth speaker. Similarly, the Silver annual plan subscribers will get Thump 2 Bluetooth speakers. Diamond, and Platinum annual plan subscribers will get a free HD TV (different screen size for each plan). Gold plan subscribers will also get a free 24-inch HD TV but only if they opt for a two-year plan and Titanium annual plan subscribers will get a 43-inch 4K TV.

This is in a nutshell the services and the different pricing they have offered. While it sounds great, Their FUP, especially for the low range (Bronze – Gold) seem laughable. For eg – only a 100 GB (+ another additional 100 GB, if you get a yearly/six months subscription, per month)is too less to use, especially if there’s a family using it. And if they want to opt for a plan with higher FUP, the plans get even more expensive.

Leaving this aside, coming to something that relates more to our industry, it yet remains to be seen what OTT subscriptions are bundled along with their “premium” plans. But it will be a good thing and will help the OTTs gain more traction. Now the other thing that put the whole industry under a lot of stress was The first day First show movies from home scheme. Turns out, this service will only be applicable to the diamond and the titanium subscribers. Judging by the prices for these services (Titanium plan costs overa Lakh rupees annually), I’d say not many might be opting for it especially because so many wouldn’t be able to afford the services.

Hence, the announcement is kind of a mixed bag and it just remains to be seen if they can rock the telecom sector like they did back when they introduced Jio to the market. It’s a game of wait and watch!

By – Amul Vikas Mohan CinemaEditorialBollywood Trade Magazine