Interview By: SAGAR DESAI

Ishita Dutta, known for her role in the suspense thriller ‘Drishyam’, also the younger sister of actress Tanushree Dutta is very excited and all set to make her debut as a lead actress in ‘Firangi’ opposite Kapil Sharma. Here is what she has to say about the film…

What attracted you towards Firangi?

It was the story of course, first I heard it was Kapil’s film and I am a big fan of his show, I always watched his show, so I was very excited to hear the script and when I met director Rajiv Dhingra the way he narrated the script, the way he told me my character I really thought it was something very different and I felt that it will be fun shooting for the same, I thought that I could carry off that role. Then I gave a look test and they were also very convinced with me because they had been looking for a girl for over a year so it all worked out, they liked my look test and they thought I could play Sargi because the main concern was that the girl is Punjabi and I am a Bengali, so whether I could look like a Punjabi and also it was 1920’s so the body language is completely different so somehow it worked out and I signed the film.

How was it collaborating with Kapil Sharma?

I was very excited to meet him the first day and when I met him he was very down to earth. We all know that he is a very big star, people are crazy about him, I have been doing the promotions with him and I have seen the response that he gets from the public and its crazy; they love him but he is very down to earth, he is somebody who is very humble, he respects his co-stars and everybody, I really liked that about him, the way he is, he makes you feel very comfortable. On the first day itself I didn’t feel like I am meeting him for the first time and his entire team also, they are very friendly, easy going people you can actually sit and have fun with, the entire shooting experience was really good. Never felt any stress to finish a scene, its ok if you take your time, the most important thing was that the product must be good, the output has to be good. So I feel Kapil Sharma as a producer also is very good, he is great to work with.

Tell us something about your character in the film?

The character’s name is Sargi, she is from a village where Manga (Kapil Sharma) comes for attending a wedding and he falls in love with her. As we have heard stories from our Grand Parents that how in old days weddings used to take place for about 1-2 weeks were entire village is invited to be a part of the celebrations, in that she meets Manga and they both fall in love with each other and she is a very shy person, she doesn’t talk much, just how the girls in the past used to carry themselves, they would talk less, very shy, polite, not talk in front of the elders, so Sargi is all of that, she is completely a girl of that era. So such is my character, even the love that is there is very different like seeing each other from terrace, communicating through facial expressions and even if they would meet they will meet very secretively as if someone would see them it would be a very big thing. That is my character.

How was it working with director Rajiv Dhingra?

Very few people know that he is also extremely funny, he always used to crack jokes on the sets and I think he is a very cool and calm director, I never saw him getting hyper, we were shooting in Punjab and there was lot of fog over there because of that we used to shoot hardly for 4-5 hours in a day because before 11am we couldn’t shoot and by 5pm again the fog would start, which for the director is a big stress as you are not shooting much in a day but you would never see him disappointed, he was always smiling, he was always like we will do it, one thing is there about Rajiv Sir he is very clear, he knew exactly what he wanted and the entire story is running in his mind, so we never required to read the script or scene, we would always go on the set and ask him, he is a very comfortable person to work with, I really had a good time.

What are the other Genre’s you would like to do in future?

I think I have just started my career, this is my first film as a lead so there is so much to do like everything, each and every genre that is there,I especially like thrillers but I would like to do all genres.

What is the USP of the film Firangi?

There are so many things firstly the songs; I genuinely feel that It has a very good album, each and every song has a very different feel and they are good, the background score is excellent and it’s a film about lots of characters, so if you see the film there are so many good actors, so overall you would enjoy the film and also its not only for the masses, it’s for everybody; not just for the youngsters or for seniors, it’s for everybody. The senior people would love the movie as it would remind them of their era it will take them back to their childhood and the youngsters would probably like it because you don’t get to see such kind of romance in today’s time. The feel of the film is based in the 1920’s the kind of clothes we were wearing, the sets that we have used and it’s not just a romantic- comedy movie, it has drama, it has little bit of Patriotism, it has so many flavors,it starts from one point and it takes you to a different level all together.

Any particular Actor or Director you would like to work with in future? And are you open for multi-starrers?

Of course yes, I am open to multi-starrers and I would want to experiment and work with different- different people, actors and directors because I think that also helps you grow as an actor and there are too many people in the list not just one. Salman Khan is my favorite and I will be very excited if I ever get to work with him and of course Shah Rukh Khan and all the actors whose films I have grown up seeing and even in the younger generations I think Ranveer Singh is very talented and Shahid Kapur and there are so many people, I would not take one or two names I think all of them.

Who is your Favorite actor in the younger generation?

In the younger generation I would say Ranveer Singh; because the kind of performances he has given in his career so far and he is also not very old in the industry yet and the kind of expression he gives, his energy level, his dancing or his acting or his personality everything is like just the best. So I think he is my favorite in the young block.

What are your upcoming projects after Firangi? And are you open to web series? 

I haven’t signed or started anything yet but hopefully by the end of this year I would announce my next project but I will take my time. Of course; I think there is some excellent content which is coming and I am very proud of that; because if you see in America and all there it is very popular and I am very happy that it is happening here also and would like to be a part of such good web series.

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