Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Actress Ishita Raj Sharma can’t stop thanking the almighty and feels blessed that her recent release “Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ has fared immensely well at the box-office. She hopes that appreciation keeps coming her way. This hardworking and strong headed girl gives her heart and soul to her roles she plays. We spoke to her post the success of ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’. Excerpts:

When you choose films like ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ 1 & 2 which turn out to be sleeper hits, and now once again with ‘Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety’ doing phenomenal at the Box-office, how does it feel to be in a 100 crore club?

Right now I am sinking in the feeling that my film has entered a 100 crore club, I am still thinking am I that lucky? But yes, God’s been kind. So far it’s not been easy at all it was quite a rough ride; from ‘PKP’ to this one it’s been an unusual choice to be doing such films because initially I thought ‘PKP’ is a guy’s film and before the start of my career I’ll exit from this industry. I didn’t know how much good it will do, initially I thought people will not accept and we didn’t know the film will turn out to be how it did because everything was on paper and we didn’t know how the film will look. And as it is whenever we try something new it is always very doubtful, we had not seen a film where a girl’s character is shown, the way it is shown in ‘PKP’. But I just went with my instinct and luckily the film worked and became such a huge a hit and then there was a demand for the sequel. So I feel I have been fortunate to try something new, to try an antihero film and also been appreciated for ‘SKTKS’.

  Do box – office numbers change an actor’s life? 

I don’t think box-office numbers change an actor’s life but it changes people’s perspective towards an actor. I am still the same girl with my daily routine and I have the same goals that I am trying to pursue.  But every Friday after a film release and if it’s a hit people’s perspective changes towards the same girl who use to walk around the street and nobody use to notice and after this film becoming such a big hit, suddenly people come and click pictures, and suddenly people make me feel famous, but I was always the same (Laughs). Recently I had visited Siddhivinayak temple and there was Mukesh Ambani’s family too, honestly nobody would ever notice me with the whole Mukesh Ambani’s family being there. Well, I was behind them while they clicked pictures and left and I went ahead and at time I had literally 2 – 3 reports clicking my picture even after having them around. I had people like youngsters in the mandir asking for pictures. So, it was so funny! So these figures and faith of the film doesn’t change an actor’s life but it changes peoples’ perspective towards an actor which obviously affects actor’s life later.

What was your expectation from ‘SKTKS’?  

We all were very excited for the film since it is a different concept and I personally know it, since lot of my friends had faced this issue. So, I knew this issue happens and we were making a fun film, so I wasn’t over thinking it.  Actually to be really honest I didn’t expect much for my character, I used to keep running to Luv sir and keep telling him ‘I don’t know how my character will look’.  Because I was concerned that my role shouldn’t be substituted by other three that they shouldn’t over power me but practically when it happened they didn’t over power me but instead my role was uplifted and quite visible; also, I got a lot of appreciation. And trust me I haven’t got this kind of reaction ever from the industry people and outside too. So yeah, it was pleasant and surprising.

 This is your third film with Luv Ranjan, how has your relation evolved over these years? If given a choice between him and another director, who would your preference be?  

My relation with Luv sir, I can’t really explain because it can’t be better, I think I have found everything in him; I’ve found a friend in him, a guide in him, a teacher in him, I’ve found a family in him, he is playing all the roles. And trust me if I am stuck somewhere the only person I go to is him; especially for advises and he is happily giving all advises for free. And if a situation like this comes I would definitely take both. I am greedy like this  and I will convince Luv sir to work out with the dates saying I will do day and night shift but I will do both so that I can be part of both the films and directors. (Smiles)

Has there been a relatable character that you’ve played till date?  

I don’t think I relate to anybody but if I had to relate to one of my character then I would relate to Pihu in a way only because how she fights for her love. In real life if I think I am stuck on someone and I still feel for him I would go back and give myself a chance for it and fight for it. If it doesn’t happen still I’ll b happy and satisfied in life that at least I tried because I don’t want to die with the regret that I didn’t tell him how I felt for him. So this is the only thing I can relate to Pihu.

As an actor what has been your learning?

As an actor what I learnt is that the biggest thing to have, to hold on to is patience, if you belief in yourself and have the confidence; no matter if you’re a struggler or a failure. But still if you’re confident enough and have faith and the caliber and you know it then it’s all about having patience in the end. Also, as an actor I learnt to portray different characters and I learnt something about me that I didn’t know  in  terms of acting in a certain way when I see myself and then think upon it because I didn’t know I could do that.  So, acting has made me meet other characters, characters that I didn’t know how to play. So, acting has given me an opportunity to be different people at the same time.

 What has been your inspiration to move ahead and work? 

I really don’t know what inspires me but I enjoy the whole phenomena; when I was young the things that use to excite me, use to be films and I actually use to dream of me being in films and that I hope I am in films.  I use to actually pray to god for all these things. So I don’t know what inspired me but it use to fascinate me. Also, I got my first film when I was in Delhi and when I was doing modeling for some time. I had no relation in Bollywood and I was just doing modeling. I had auditioned for a serial and while I was visiting Bombay to a family friend’s place I suddenly bumped into this casting director and he picked me up for ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’. Then I gave auditions for two days and was locked for the role, so ideally I feel it’s density but one thing that inspires me and I know and want to work hard to be this  is, if you don’t like a job you will feel tired to even work for 4 hours, but I know I can work round the clock for 18 hours and still be so energetic and lively. So I know this industry gives me that drive and not tire me.

 What’s coming next?

I am in talks with some people but I am waiting for them to make an announcement.

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