Finally PADMAAVAT has released after much hoopla and hue and cry from its detractors. Though the initial footfalls were less on Thursday, the audiences on Friday, being a public holiday due to the Republic Day, has brought in the family audiences and the film is being appreciated by them. The grandeur and the performances of the lead cast has the full potential to take the film to huge numbers at the box office; barring anymore hurdles. Though the music is popular, the Ghoomar song has already become an audience favorite. The film has already been in the news for a while now and has certainly intrigued the audiences enough for them to go to the theaters and watch the film and the public mind was already inclined towards watching the film, on the other hand, it’s a proper historical tale and after a long time such a magnum opus film has been on the screen after Bahubali franchise. A few attempts have been made on this genre like Jodha Akbar and Razia Sultan but nowhere has been an attempt made to create such a battlefield on screen akin to Hollywood films like 300. The Supreme court made a wise decision in allowing the state machinery of every state to release the film peacefully with the police protection and all the works, all over the country. There have been small skirmishes held in smaller stations but otherwise it is being enjoyed by the audiences without any hindrance. So what was all this circus about? Was it some kind of a joke on the part of the agitators to see something objectionable in the film as the story is derived from a fictional novel which is eons of years old? No praise is enough for SLB, who faced all obstacles with great strength and had faith in his film and his hard work and now the results are here to see with fabulous cinematography by Sudeep Chatterjee and the action by Shyam Kaushal. His problems started when his sets were torched and then the Rajasthani Karni Sena politicized the issue with agitations especially in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, etc and the authorities there too took a vociferously against , stance towards the film but thankfully the Supreme Court just saw the film as a fictional account and made only five modifications in the film. People need to realize that this is just a film and there is no point in attacking School Buses, malls and theaters. It’s a really cowardly thing to do, attacking a school bus just because of a film. Nothing is going to come out of it. But, it is still good to see that despite threats still lingering, the audiences have still come out in numbers to support the film and have gone to the movie halls and seen it. We can also hope now that more and more audiences keep pouring in over the weekend and the coming weeks and if they do, the movie can seriously rack up big numbers at the window. The spirit of people in support of the film is nothing but commendable. Trade Magazine