The romance king Imtiaz Ali is back in form with his romantic ballad about a tourist guide and a girl who has lost her engagement ring and wants it back at any cost. The guide Harry (Shahrukh Khan) is a playboy flirty kind of a guy and Sejal (Anushka Sharma) is a feisty Gujarati girl who piggybacks on Harry’s shoulders across various exotic locations like London, Lisbon, Prague, Budapest, and Spain. They are at their warring best but later find solace in each other’s arms. And the ring that they are finding across the world is found in Sejal’s purse which gives Sejal one more cause to return to India. And Harry too who thinks has lost in love returns to his village in Punjab but can’t get over Sejal and is overjoyed when he learns that Sejal has called off her wedding and finally Harry proposes to her and she accepts it with glee. This is purely an Imtiaz Ali film with a topping of Yash Chopra cinema. The DOP has done a fantastic job of capturing the exotic locales across the world with a great contour of colorful frames and bright lighting. Pritam’s music is magical and the Bani Teri Radha song is already a hit with the masses. The soundtrack compliments every nuance of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan is in top form, he takes his romantic hero image to another extreme in this one with a hint of Casanova strides thrown in and he shines brilliantly throughout the movie. Anushka Sharma is the bright point of the film and she is wonderful in every scene and her Gujarati accent is just fantastic. Aru Verma supports well as SRK’S friend. Chandan Roy Sanyal is excellent in a cameo. The rest of the cast is adequate.

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