One of the most loved actresses of Bollywood, Jacqueline Fernandez is one of the most active celebrities on social media. Using the platform to interact with her fans as well as put it to the benefit of others, Jacqueline has been making an impact on the masses using her fan following.

Global investors have also acknowledged the social impression of the actress and have therefore banked upon the actress for their brands.

Showcasing extraordinary growth on Instagram, Jacqueline Fernandez is amongst the most followed Bollywood beauties. Witnessing a surge in her followers in a very less period of time, Jacqueline is one of the most rapidly increasing actresses on the internet. The posts by Jacqueline are not only absorbed by her millions of fans, but the impression is increased manifold as it also seeps in to reach a wider audience.

While many social figures use the internet to share posts, Jacqueline has identified her ability to create a mark on her fans, emerging as a social influencer. Banking upon the unfathomable fanbase, Jacqueline has put the internet to use to create social awareness about significant issues that she stands up for.

Being a social influencer in addition to being an actress, Jacqueline Fernandez has used the medium to voice her opinion against animal cruelty by vouching for a brand that stands against animal testing. Recently, another global brand vouched on the actress’ social impact to make her the first celebrity endorser of their cosmetic brand.

Taking the initiative of animal rights forward, the actress collated a petition of 8000 signatures against animal testing and represented the same as a global voice at the United Nations.

Using social media as a powerful tool, Jacqueline has successfully influenced people to raise funds for rebuilding Kerala. An entire campaign named Jacqueline Builds was set up to draw funds from the varied segments of the society to use her social platform as a driving force for the cause. Earlier, the actress helped Tamil Nadu after being struck by floods.

Striking chords with the issues faced by the society nationally, as well as internationally, Jacqueline has stood up to make her voice heard concerning issues like marine conservation along with favouring the use of eco-friendly items.

The actress has also been conferred the honour to share her thoughts on the women empowerment and touch upon issues like sexual harassment and abuse.

Staying true to her image and being herself on social media, Jacqueline has amassed a huge fanbase which she uses to bring about a change in the society, turning the, often referred to as bane, social platform as a boon. Trade Magazine