We get in chat with all in one- a music composer – Singer- Song writer who is known for her bilingual songs and for all that she is. We talk about her upcoming projects and how was the process of making songs for the same. Experts;

Your latest release is from ‘Gully Boy’ how did you come on board for it?
I met Zoya at Baar Baar Dekho wrap party. I have composed few songs of Baar Baar Dekho. I saw her there so I approached her, asked if I could get a meeting with her. She was really nice and kind. I met her and I played some songs to her so she said for now as she is working on a script but she will be in touch with me as she liked my voice. After a month or two I got a call from her office that she wants me to do a song for her movie. It was great working with her because she offers a lot of Freedom, Independence and Personal Expression which she tapped into, so I would say it was really great working with her.

How did you come on board of ‘Hichki’?
I bumped into Manish Sharma at Yash Raj Studios and he said he has liked my music in the films I’ve done I had done earlier so he asked me if I had some time to catch up and one day at Yash Raj we were talking about work and that’s how I found out that he is working on couple of projects. I played some songs for him and he loved it and that’s how randomly I got on board with ‘Hichki.

How was the process of composing songs for ‘Hichki’?
So I read the script and composed the theme of the character as if I have lived that film. There were7 songs to which we had a theme and there were too many things. It was like taking the movie ahead more than the music. I spend 8 to 10Months on it. It was not an easy process but I would say I have learned a lot, it was enriching. I got an opportunity to work with Adi Chopra, Rani, and Manish so this in itself was a big thing for me.

Do you plan on cutting a private Album or come up with any singles?
Yes, I’ll be doing couple of singles this year but I do not plan for any album yet as it is very time consuming and I’m working with quite a few things already. I’m releasing single because it was quite a time saver like you release a song and wait then make the video and release it so it takes time but not as much a san album takes to be produced.

We have heard you are a self trained musician so does that restrict you with your singing in any way or limit your creativity?
Sometimes it can take me longer to understand a very simple thing but at times I might do something really easily because at first place I did not know it was hard. At times I think things are really easy but there are times where I think why can’t it be done like that because I don’t actually know the right way so I keep trying till things happen in a right way. There are Perks and Cons for being self trained but I enjoy it anyway because I enjoy the curiosity of what can be done next.

Who was your inspiration growing up?
I have grew up listening to many artist like Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, Amit Trivedi, A.R. Rahman, R.D. Burman,S.D. Burman, so I think your music shapes up on the basis of what you love listening to and it makes you very subconscious because you have already heard that kind of music and you like that kind of music so you end up making something out of it and this is just what you believe in so these were my inspirations growing up. I even love Coldplay, John Mayer and many more so you can say my songs are a mixture of what I learned from all of them.

In the play back industry there are not many female composers, do you think it is important to encourage more female composers to come and join the industry?
I think it’s same for everything like female directors are less than male directors. So it’s same in almost every case so I can say, we are still trying to fight for our rights and now women have started following their ambitions and the families have started opening up and it’s good to see that the change is happening and it’s not constant it gets better with time. Earlier there were no music directors and no role models and everyone was a playback singer and maybe that’s why it has never occurred to people that we can even become music director.

What is next in pipeline?
I’m working on Kesari, I’m doing one song in that which is close to my childhood and it will be out in March. Trade Magazine