This film is a hard-hitting expose on how the adivasis of the remote jungle areas are exploited by the contractors of their areas monetarily as well as physically and the women folk are used to provide sexual favors to Shyamanna (Milind Shinde) and his men. The adivasis lead a foot to mouth existence and every day is a grueling day for them. The authorities are very far from them and they show apathy towards their problems. Another contractor Mahesh (Aniket Kelkar) wins a contract to build roads at Jhari’s (Namrata Gaikwad) a very strong feisty girl who fights against Shyamanna and rebukes his overtures towards her and helps Mahesh to gather labor but then a fight ensues between Shyamanna and Mahesh over the laborers and their wages which is settled by a jungle Naxalite warlord (Nagesh Bhosle) and soon Mahesh and Shyamanna become one and start exploiting the adivasis and Mahesh even impregnates Jhari and then during their festival they burn Shyamanna and Mahesh in the holy fire thus rousing the authorities into action. The film is bold and stark and very realistically directed. Namrata Gaikwad as Jhari delivers a powerful performance. Milind Shinde as the cruel Shyamanna makes you cringe. Aniket Kelkar is effective. Nagesh Bhosle, Anant Jog, Nisha Parulekar, Kamlesh Sawant, Tukaram Bidkar, lend good support. The music by Pravin Kunvar is okay. The technical aspects are of a good standard. A film with a good message.

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