Interview By: Sagar Desai

Jimmy Shergill is as causal as one can be, in a candid chat with us the actor discuss his upcoming movie Phamous, his career choices and the importance of having an understanding relationship between a director and an actor.

What attracted you towards this movie?

Karan, the director of the film was Tigmanshu’s associate in Saheb Biwi 1 and 2, so when we were working on Saheb Biwi part 2 at that time Karan had told me I have this script and I want to give it to you and read it and give me your reaction, Karan is a very intelligent boy, so I knew that whenever and whatever he will make, he will make something good. But when I read the script I thought that, it is something brilliant he has brought, a good story, something different. The main characters in the film were many like Pankaj’s role, Kay Kay’s role, Mahi’s character, Shriya’s character, my character, Jaggu Dada’s character, 4-5 such main character on whom the story was formed, everybody has their own life and how it is connected with each other. Emotion is very strong in the film; it’s a rooted story, story which makes you emotional, yet a film which is very entertaining because of its dark humor which is visible in the trailer also, throughout the film the dialogues are as such which keeps you entertained. But main thing after that was Karan’s thought process in terms of how he is going to shoot the film and how he is going to treat it overall, like what kind of background will be there, what kind of shot’s he is going to take, all this things he had told before the start of the shoot itself, so obviously you think that the story is good and the way it is going to be visible is very different. so he wanted to make it very fresh and differently what I think made everybody come together.

So how was it working with the entire cast?

Except for Pankaj whom I knew from before but I had never worked with him, apart from him I had worked with all of them before so the environment was very nice, but Pankaj is such a lovely guy, such a sweetheart and it was wonderful working with everybody. We were shooting in Chambal in winter November-December time, I still remember that as if like god had supported us as during winter over there; we were shooting from 7 am in sunlight till late 9 – 10 pm, they used to let me go as I have to go to gym and all but rest all used to work till late night. They used to shoot in the villages till late night 12 -1 and the villagers had given them the confidence that you continue shooting nothing will happen. But it was so cold that as soon as your last day shoot got over fog started, we thought at the right time we finished our work and left.

How important it is to have a good understanding relation between the actor and the director?

It is very important to have an understanding relation between the director and the actor as the entire film stands on it because what happens is that rather than wasting time on set, before the start of the shoot itself if we sit and talk to each other and we come to know the how are we fitting into the directors vision then if we plan things in that manner and come to the set than a lot of time is saved. Otherwise the same thing, sit at the set and discuss that I feel it should be like this or like that and in all this at least 1-2 hour get wasted easily and in this time period we would have taken so many shot’s. so what we do is that before the start itself we do all the discussions, look gets decided, director tells that in this particular scene I have to feel this way and we will do it this way, it is written a bit seriously but you have to do it with a lightheart and normally. So you get a brief idea.

You constantly keep on shifting genres, is this something you intentionally do or it just happens?

I try to keep a mix and match, if I get a 2-3 serious films, I do them; if some light hearted stories are not coming my way at that time, and those films and character were good of serious films so I do it, then suddenly If I get a comedy so I do it. That is how I go.

How important it is to be a versatile actor in today’s time?

I don’t think anybody is born versatile according to me; over a period of time a person discovers himself and when he discovers that, then people start discovering him. So if I would have only done romantic films than no one would have seen the other side of mine. That is something I did in order to break my lover boy image; from start itself I had made a effort that I will do a Hasil, Munna Bhai, Yahaan, Wednesday so every time I have done this to break my image. So people could think ohh! He can be an angry man also, he can do a comedy also, so you discover yourself and then though you people discover you.

Apart from movies what is it that makes you happy?

If I get to do my running and yoga in the morning and again running in the evening then for me it’s a satisfying day starting at the right time and ending at the right time I feel very happy then.

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