Jubin Nautiyal who has lent his mesmerising voice in many Bollywood songs but what got him notice was singing for iconic recreated hit songs like “ Humma Humma”, “Kisise Pyar Ho jaye”, “Gumnam”. He talks to us about his favorite song and one of the iconic songs of Kishore Kumar – “SochaHai” for ‘Badshaho’. Read on …

How gratifying it is to be giving so many blockbusters? 

As a child I have always dreamt to be a musician, most importantly to be able to sing and I’m able to do that now. I’m very thankful to all my fans, thankful to God, thankful to my family for letting this happen and helping me out and supporting me. I have got a lot of love and blessings and that’s the only reason why I am able to do this, so all gratitude.

How is it to sing for an iconic recreated song keeping in mind its essence and also to live up to the standards of singer Kishore Kumar?

Kishore da is the teacher he is a mentor, I have learnt from him. I have heard his songs and learnt from it as much as I could understand. I don’t think I can ever match up to his standards but all I can try to sing the same song my way which I do. And people call me for recreations all the time from “Humma Humma” to “Kisi Se Pyaar hojaye”, “Gumnam Hai Koi” and “Socha Hai”. So I am flattered that people like to listen to my voice. In old songs as well and pulling off an old song is quite a task but I am able to do it because I choose my songs wisely, I sing songs which I love and I really relate to and can emote. And when that happens then only I’m able to make that song mine if I can’t make that song mine then it won’t happen. I should be able to say it to feel it. And these are songs that all of us feel and I’m just amongst you, a guy who just loves songs and is the big fan of the song which is recreated.

How did “Socha Hai” happen to you and do you feel privileged being part of the song and also the movie ‘Baadshaho’?

“Socha Hai” happened after the success of the “Humma humma” song. The song became very big and it was loved by people. The whole Humma team came together and recreated it and the iconic Kishore da song. When I was called to sing this song so I always ask my music producers to play me the songs because I am a bit choosy about my work but when they told me they are recreating ‘Socha Hai’, I love that song and I love Kishore Kumar so I jumped at the opportunity and said this is something I would love to do. And to be a part of the team and being able to work for ‘Baadshaho’. I’ve always been a big fan of Ajay Devgn, Emraan Hashmi, and Milan Luthria. And a small town guy like me getting to work with such big names, it’s quite amazing experience.

What is your take on the new trend of recreated music in the industry today? Do you think it’s been warmly welcomed by the audiences ?

I think the new trend of recreating music is good as these are songs which have lived with our parents, with their parents and if we get an opportunity to let the younger generation also have in their play list and even they get to live with it. I think it’s amazing, and recreating songs is more than a trend; it’s like we recreate it as fans, these are such songs that have taught us music in our younger days and we have strong memories with such songs. We sing them today and perform it, I feel very privileged to sing the song and be part of the team. At least the recreations that I have been part of, the audience has really loved them.

What’s your USP as a singer?

My strongest USP as a singer is that I have my own style and my own voice and I really work hard on my voice and style and today it is really paying o well. I say things and do things my way so I think that’s one of the biggest USP.

Do you limit yourself with pop and filmy songs or there are other genres to try?

I try all genres, I have learnt different genre, and I travel with music. I have travelled a lot and learnt music from Banaras, some western music from blues and jazz from Chennai. I have traveled to UK to learn alternative rock and pop. So definitely I explore genres and that is what an artist is all about, how we understand music and sing. I listen to a lot of music, I listen to world music and I try to do all genres as much as possible. I have dedicated my life to music and I will make the most of it.

Who really inspires you from the music industry from the Kishore Kumar era to Arijit Singh?

I have three inspirations in my life – Mohammad Rafi Sahab, Kishore da and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. They have inspired me in many ways and I love their music, I love the kind of music they have given;which is living after them and probably will be living after us also.

Is there any particular method that you apply in your singing?

The only method you can apply is, you can apply your heart to the song, say things from your heart which reaches to the heart. This is the intension with which I step into the studio and sing.

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