Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

Julius has been part of the music industry since 25 years and has given us immense amount of memorable music, right from films to ads and also the jingles. He is part of ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ doing the BGM and tells us how he has this time done something unique with the music which might interest you to know. Read the quick chat to know about his experience and upcoming work.

You have grown in a musical family, is that your influence to be a music director?

It’s not a musical family but couple of my brothers got into music, but everyone likes to listen to various kind of music. When I was a kid I have heard various
types of music which kind of gave me a good foundation and appetite for music. Ranging from classical music to rock to fusion, ghazals, film music, jazz everything was heard when I was young so I had a good exposure. Also while I was a kid I used to like the star wars music and hear various themes of music of big films which helped me understand good music. All this have helped me in my profession here.

How has your musical journey been from ‘Kabul Express’ till ‘Tube light’?

It has been very enriching and have learnt a lot  and I still keep learning. ‘Kabul express’ was my first  music film but it was very different as it was simple and linear so it happened without glitches. But  now along with bigger films and bigger budgets the  music is also changing and the demand too. I have  learnt a lot from Aditya Chopra, he was a big influence. He used to work on his dad film’s background score, because of which he had a very fine ear for  background music. In cinema what kind of music  comes where, the hint points and a lot more. Initially  when we were doing our second or third movie for  Yash Raj he used to help us whenever we used to go  wrong and gave us tips. So I would say all the in and  out of background score was taught to me by him.

What are the important aspects that need to be kept in mind for a music director which make them come up with something new always?

By new it doesn’t mean different instruments, but  sometimes yes if the film demands. Most importantly what a background score does is hold the scene  together like in a romantic scene it needs romantic  music and for an action scene there is action music  so all this is typically used and there are not much  changes. But if the director wants to do something  out of the box then in an action scene also we can  have a very soft music, but you need to have a right eye and ear for it to do something as such.

How has music change over the years as you have been part of it since a very long time?

I would say today music has become more globalised. There is not much of the difference in Hollywood and Bollywood music. Also it depends on budgets as ‘Bahubali’ has a good budget it had such  VFX which seemed like Hollywood so same way it  also applies to music. I have seen the growth now  we are competitive enough with international music  and things have changed a lot from then till now.

You have done enormous amount of work and all are your best ones right from jingles to songs and quite more, which project has always been close to your heart?

I can’t really put a finger on one particular film, you can’t choose one child same way it’s with work. All  my work was important for me and most important thing was that I kept learning which I feel it also applies on our lives.

Currently you are working on ‘Tiger Zindagi Hai’ score, so is there something unique this time as you have also prepared score for ‘Ek that tiger’ earlier?

We are going to revamp the theme of the film. Now  we are going to take it few notches higher because ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ and ‘Tiger Zinda hai’ is going to have  huge difference in terms of whole scale of the movie. It is going to be much more larger than life with action and drama. The production is also bigger so in that sense our music is also going to be pushed up quite a bit. So we are going to modify and create new theme for the film. I am also planning to bring some Turkish singers for few part of the film which will add up to the theme and will be different. Director also wanted some electronic sound like marvel movies, which will be marring into a orchestral sound which is known as hybrid sound which helps to give edgy sound. So I feel that is going to be a unique sound for Hindi films.

What are other projects on your list?

After this film I am working on Forgotten Army which is eight part of Amazon series which is directed by Kabir Khan.

What do you think about the new music directors entering industry and their music?

Art cannot be competitive. All kind of music is  good and the talent which is coming now and already there in industry is really good. Even if I don’t  like it, still there are people who like it. I am in no position to talk I just feel there is immense talent in India and we have excellent music composers like Pritam, A R Rehman, Salim, and lot more I hope new comers create something at par with these people to match up.

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