This is a breezy entertainer about a young boy Raja (Gaurav Ghatnekar ) who is very resourceful at making money and becomes a wheeler dealer and also is good at conning people. But he lands up in trouble when he tries to blackmail the CM of the state (Nagesh Bhosale) with a recorded version of his sexual escapades in a pen-drive and which he threatens to hand over to the media. Gaurav Ghatnekar plays this boy who also tries to con a rich man who is also the brother in law of the CM who is childless and wants a son desperately and so Gaurav cooks up a story and tells him that his son is alive and trains a child actor (Master Nihar Gite) to play this part, all this for a huge amount of money . There is also a comic Nikhil Ratnaparkhi who is Gaurav’s house owner and after him to pay the rent and is henpecked by his wife a South Indian Supriya Pathare who wants her cousin (Shrikant Mhase), a Rajnikant clone top marry their daughter (Bhagyashree Mote) who is in love with Gaurav Ghatnekar. All this is in good fun and there is a good comedy of errors which keeps the audience laughing in the aisles. Gaurav is promising. Bhagyashree makes a good debut. Veteran Nagesh Bhosle is as good as ever. Siddheshwar Jhadbukke is good as the CM’S PA. Master Nihar Gite is absolutely amazing and the surprise factor in the film. Nikhil Ratnaparkhi is an amazing old hand at comedy as is Supriya Pathare. Shrikant Mhase does his Thalaiva act very well. Music by Rohan –Rohan is very good and all the songs are picture perfect. The cinematography is colorful and luminous. Director Giridharan Swamy has made a wonderful comedy.

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