Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

Kalki is a talented actress who is known for her unconventional body of work. Her new film ‘Jia aur Jia’ is about these two girls who are on a journey to discover themselves. We also see Kalki dancing in this film which is something new for her too. We talk about her experience during the making of film and know some quirky tales from her. Read on…

“There are enough stories about women travelling and there is a lot of potential market that is untapped”

The film seems to be different, tell us more about it and what made you choose ‘Jia aur Jia?’
The film is about two girls who go on a budget road trip, they both are named Jia and they both are very different. Richa’s charater is called Jia Venkatram and she is very sorted, she is a businesswomen and at this point of time she is going through a lot of depression because of some secrets she is keeping on, of some difficult times. Genrally more uptight…Then it’s me Jia Girewal whose character is far from that. She is a boho, crazy girl who just wants to capture every moment and she even uses her bad moments to do something good. The film is about life and how to live life to the fullest which seemed very interesting for me and I choose to do the film.

This is a woman-centric film, how does it feel to be part of such films which are rarely been made?
I am glad we are the first one and it give us the USP of the first Hindi film where the girls are travelling. There are enough stories about women travelling and there is a lot of potential market that is untapped.

Did you enjoy dancing in this film?
Nach Basanti’ was scary for me because I don’t know how to dance. So I practiced and practiced a lot with Howard, but actually on the day of the shoot, we had to dance because it was so cold, we were on the beach, that too barefoot, freezing and it was breezing and I was wearing a tiny skirt.. So the only way to keep warm was to keep dancing. So that actually helped.

How was your experience working with everyone for this film?
I have known Richa since a long time. We have done a play named trivial disasters together. She is a very good actor, very concentrated. She has a certain stillness about her which really works on camera and I really admire that. Yet she is quite spontaneous and I am the opposite. Arslan is a sweetheart. We have adopted him, he is our little lion cub. Richa and I love animals, so we have taken good care of him. In fact he used to help me with my dialogues as there are pretty kadak hindi lines in this. So he used to teach me a little bit and in return I was nice to him (smiling). It was very cold in Sweden, I think it was end of October and it was very cold, but we were pretending to be summer, so we were in tiny little clothes and before every shot our teeth would be chattering and we would be like trying to warm up before every shot. It was fun to work together.

How was your experience of shooting for the remake of Jia aur Jia song?
It was last minute, and we got no rehearsal time and the fun part was all the crew and everybody was a part of the song. So it was kind of lots of improving and faffing together. It was a fun way for all of us to gather again much after the film has been made.

What kind of roles are you looking forward to doing now which interests you more?
I would love to do a rom-com, where I get the guy in the end instead of me killing him or beating him up. I would love to do an action film, where the girl gets to do the action. I would love to do a historical film, because I love history and sister Nivedita is someone I find very fascinating.​

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