In conversation with Kanika Kapoor best known for ‘Baby Doll’ and ‘Chittiyaan kalaiyaan Ve’, spoke to us about her recent single ‘Cheater Mohan’, a VYRL originals, teaming up with Ikka for a folksy number .  Shared her point of view on independent music, being stereotyped and how, and the quality music that’s lacking in the industry. Excerpts:

How has your process been in approaching songs and also collaborating with Universal Music for ‘Cheater Mohan’?
I wanted to write something which is very funny, good beat and yet massy and that everybody appeals to it like a family song. And something different from what I have done before, like, we hear a lot of Punjabi songs coming; so I thought let’s try something different in North Indian style and we have a certain audience for it. That’s how, I had a lovely beat which we enhance and made this song, and it was great fun making it. Also, we have pointed out the topic of ‘You’re a big Cheater Mohan’ which is a very trending topic in today’s time, so that’s how it was inspired. And collaborating with VYRL originals that’s part of the EMI records, has been really fun, I have given them the product and they are taking it out with me and it’s exciting, fun and they are very professional and fun to work with.

Do you think it’s easier to connect with the audience when you are doing an independent music?
Yes and no. Fortunately the songs I have sung, people can connect and recognize that – it’s ‘Kanika Kapoor’s song’ because of the distinct style I have; so I am very lucky in that way. And the Singles which I have sung are fun loving and normal like ‘Super Girl from China’ to ‘Teddy Bear’, to ‘Cheater Mohan’. At times I really think from where all this songs come. (Laughs) but its fine, I do what I feel like and there are a lot of people who like these songs and people who don’t like it, it’s for a certain audience, so yeah! (Smiles)

Which song was a turning point for you?
‘Baby Doll’ of course and I’m very grateful to Ekta Kapoor for giving me that break  and making me a part of such a big song and I am so happy that she believed  in me and said, – ‘no one else would have sung ‘Baby Doll’ so well except me’. So that’s a very big thing and I am very grateful to her.

Did you feel stereotype at a certain point of time in your singing career?
Yes, always. I still feel stereotype. Everybody sees me as an item girl singer or a Punjabi item song singer.

How has your journey been as a singer, ever since you were learning and had chosen this field?
I’ve learnt a lot during the course of my whole life. I’ve learnt a lot of patience; I don’t feel bad about anything.  Everything is good for me, darkness and brightness of time.  And I think as you grow older there’s only learning and you only want to become a better person. And more approachable which I think I am.

“Quality music is lacking, hugely lacking in the industry”

You still feel the same?
Not now, but it’s still there in many places. Until I did “Chhil Gaye Naina” from ‘NH10’, which many people don’t know that I’ve sung that song!  After that Amit Trivedi ji had given me “Da Da Dasse” which was dark and intense and a very different song from what I’ve sung and also a different genre. After that I am trying to do different songs so let’s see how it goes and what kind of songs happen to me.

According to you which kind of music lacks in the industry that needs to be uplifted?
Quality music is lacking, hugely lacking in the industry. The melodies that use to happen in old days and recently also the songs like “Jo Bheji Thi Duaa Woh Jaake Aasmaan Se Yun Takra Gayi Ki Aa Gayi Hai Laut Ke Sadaa”. I feel these kinds of song should happen more often because they are very relatable and it’s very soothing and pleasing to hear, the lyrics are so good. The quality and the class are totally different of such songs. Now-a-days, a lot of “Yo, Yo” things are happening; we are trying to copy the West. So I feel slowly, slowly, we should go back to basics, to our old and gold days and I guess we are somewhere going and trying that way, even I am heading that way.

Do you believe in today’s time it’s necessary for a singer to be a complete package, with well groomed looks along with their voice and be a performer?
Yes it’s very important, as we see all the music directors are become performers because I feel that’s the only way one earns money in India cause publishing is very difficult in our country, it’s a different ball game. So yes, you have to be little ahead of what you can do and I’ve heard ‘Jo dikhta Hain Who bikta Hai’. (Smiles)

In that case do you follow this saying?
No, I am like a free bird. I try and most importantly I should be feeling good.   I don’t eat because I want to look thin, but because I feel good in what I eat. It’s just about feeling good; thus accordingly do things.

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