Karan Kundra the most talked about hunk in television and has gained huge fan following with his popular television show ‘Kitani Mohabbat Hai’ and also an eye opener show ‘ Gumrah – End of innocence’ , spoke to us about his forthcoming film ‘1921’ directed by  Vikram Bhatt. He being the horror buff feels lucky to be part of this film.  Read on…

 Your Bollywood debut was a horror story followed by a role in ‘Mubarakan’ and now it’s ‘1921’, so the first and third film being a horror film was it a sheer coincident?

(Laughs) I actually don’t know but to be honest it’s about being in the right place at the right time. When Vikram sir had called me in 2012, that time I was doing a lot of television and that time I had just got in to the phase where I was getting recognized and people were looking to work with me. So that time he had called me saying that he was making a very small film and he isn’t directing it, and that it isn’t going to be my launch. It was a physiological thriller; he had made it clear it won’t be my launch so he asked if I’ll be ready to do it. I immediately said a yes because for me life is never a destination, life is a journey and I have always maintained that. Because we go on moving in life so our experiences is what makes our life.  So I feel that movie which I did was a seed that grew now. And Vikram sir remembered me saying everyone had troubled him except me. Then over the years, last year when he wanted to make ‘1921’, he remembered me and my work when I had worked with him, so he was like this is the right time to work with me once again.  So this ‘1921’ is my film in which I get a chance to showcase myself, I am also happy that I didn’t get such films back then. Because I feel I wasn’t ready for such films back then,  I have done so many other things in life that has made me ready for today, and today to have such kind of sensibility to be a part of such films.

 You have started your career from television so how much do you think it has been the stepping stone to lead towards film industry? 

For me as I said, I am an actor and I consider myself as someone who needs a lot of things like a beggar; not in a bad way. It really doesn’t matter to me which medium it is so if even I am doing a street play and with my conviction and the audience who are watching it, should be convinced by my acting. Be it television or be it film I have never set anything as to if I am doing film then I will only do films. We need to make a difference in life if you remember I had done one show ‘Gumrah’  which was a crime reporting show and that time I was doing great in televisions. With this I have made a difference in youngsters’ life, I had parents coming and telling me that their children have become closer to them. Because the parents also had another view point as to what the child needs and how they behave.  So whatever work I am doing I am really proud of it.

Talking about 1921, tell us about the character you playing, how is Ayush similar to Karan?

Ayush is a small town boy from the 1921’s of India. And he has got an opportunity to go to London and learn Piano and to make a living out of it.  And he makes a few mistakes. It is a very magical love story with the backdrop of supernatural in it. He is a simple guy and when he gets to go to London it is surreal for him. But he doesn’t know what lies in front of him, in this story there is a lot of importance of the music.

 Firstly the younger audiences frown over horror because they are obsessed with the Hollywood horror films, and secondly the family audiences don’t come out to see, so what’s your take on it?

Yes. And I would also blame the 80’s to 90’s horror films for this because it used to be horror cum comedy mixed with it.  A few people used to get scared of it and a few use to laugh over it. And then sex got added to it so that cut down the family audiences. I am a big horror fan and if you remember in 90’s there was a film ‘Lekin’ starring Dimple Kapadia, I don’t think there has been any other film made and the music still gives us goose bumps. So I don’t disagree with the audiences when it comes to this, because I am the person from the cinema, and as the part of Hindi cinema and who watches cinema so I feel Hindi cinema has done really good supernatural films. But talking about family audience I feel they will come for this film because it’s not about sex but horror and the script is the king. I really think the word of mouth will work because the script is beautiful and it’s a love story, so I don’t think any family should miss it.

What’s next?

I am working on something which will bring Mahabharata back for the little kids and we are trying to make it in a cool way for them to get attracted. I want to showcase these epics in a way the kids find it cool to watch.

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