Interview By: Ankita R. Kanabar

One hardly sees trailers today, that are so much fun! The film is a different ball game all together, but even the trailers of ‘Veere Di Wedding’ have been so entertaining, creating all the right buzz around it. And of course, the film has this amazing ensemble. We catch up Kareena Kapoor Khan, dressed in a polka-dotted summer dress looking her gorgeous self, and the lovely Shikha Talsania to chat all about this film and more…

‘Veere Di Wedding’ is not a chick-flick, then what did you think of it?
Shikha Talsania:
You will see everything. You will see friendship at its best. And there are different stages in their life with love and marriage, and how they deal with it. How it’s important to have ‘veeres’ in your life, because you can’t get through life if you don’t have your set of girl-friends. You’ll see that, the excitement and where we all are in life.

Did you find relatability with your characters? Since the film is a slice-of-life kind of film which aims at being real and relatable?
I’m not at all like that. Kalindi is commitment phobic, I’m not. I’ve always been a sucker for love. As a person, I’m very clear in my life in general. So, I’ve never been like her. I’m quite headstrong, if I make a decision I stick by it, but Kalindi is different.
Shikha: For this film, for us, it was very organic. We had a lot of fun – the way our characters are, they are different from us but you still find something relatable, may be some situations, or you have seen people like that around you. It’s really organic and fun to work on different characters. It’s challenging but you look forward to it.

We’ve not really seen many fun, women-oriented films like these…of course, female-oriented movies are doing well but they are in a different space. Do you agree?
I think we’ve been making a lot of women-oriented films for a while now. This film is about four women and their friendship, their trials and tribulations in life in a very fun, exciting manner. So, I think we need more films like these.

Kareena: There have been a lot of these fun women-oriented films doing well. Right from ‘Queen’ and ‘The Dirty Picture’, to even now ‘Raazi’ which have always done well. As long as a script and film is good, whether it has a hero or heroine, it doesn’t matter. The audience will back the film and support it if it’s good. A film needs to be looked at, for what it is. There’s an underlining message in the film which people will come across eventually, but a film is a film and it has to be entertaining and fun.

“The audience will back the film and su• ort it if it’s good”

Which is your favourite Hindi film which had friendship as the backdrop?
: I think ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ will always be a great example of a friendship film. It was also very ahead of its time. It changed the whole dynamics of multiplex cinema. The characters were so real and relatable.

You all are looking great in the film! Was that a very conscious decision to maintain a certain look and feel for the film?
I’m glad. It’s tough to look good all the time and maintain yourself. Whether it’s mainstream cinema or any kind of cinema, a film is for posterity and everyone has to give their best, work hard. We need to take our jobs seriously and I feel all of us do that.

Shikha, is it true that you had once said, you are a plus size actor? Your role, especially here don’t seem to really define you as just that though…
In my childhood, I had said that I’m a plus size actor but it’s just one of the things I had said. I would like to take that back. I would like to say, I’m just an actor. And yes, my weight doesn’t define me. There’s a lot more to an actor than just that.

Kareena how was it getting on to this film, post having a baby?
The film’s shoot started after Taimur but of course, I just want to spend a lot more time with him, than on a set, that’s why I said I would mainly do one film in a year. I think only in terms of time, I feel I want to give all my time to Taimur but I think women know how to multi-task and I am glad I have a good support system, so I can work and give him time as well. But I want to always work till I can. I will try to always work.

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