Be it her choices or the confidence with which she pulls off every role; her fun-going vibe and attitude – it’s safe to say that there is none other than Kareena Kapoor Khan. We catch up with the lady donning a printed dress, looking pretty as always, at her Bandra office – to chat about her latest film ‘Good Newwz’ and more….

How’s ‘Good Newwz’ been for you? 
It’s been interesting because as you’ve seen, we’ve made comedy with a lot of drama and an interesting subject like IVF. It’s a festive time so people will enjoy it. This is the kind of film where the women will turn it around. Despite the comedy, the second half is so emotional, beautiful and that’s the reason I did the film.

Did you gauge from your personal experience while shooting for ‘Good Newwz’. 
Ya I had forgotten what it was like to be pregnant. We used to wear like a pregancy stomach which was in three different phases – 3months, 6months and 9 months. It wad so real. It was like pregnancy without the parathas(laughs).

You’ve done women-oriented films like ‘Chameli’ earlier which seemed ahead of its time. Now do you think bigger avenues have opened up? 
Now I think, the entire dynamics has changed. Look at ‘Badhaai Ho’. Now you don’t need a mainstream actress to pull off a role the leading role. It is about your part in the film with a good content. For example, my character in ‘3 Idiots’ or in ‘Talaash’. For example when you find out, this girl is a ghost; that is the turning point in the film. So even if you are doing  a film with a Khan, for me, it’s a conscious decision to see if my role is substantial. Also, it’s a complete package which matters, not just my role. For example, after Taimur my thought process wasn’t that I want to just do a film where the camera is on me. I did ‘Veere Di Wedding’ because we’ve never seen a film on friendship between women.

Having said that, what made you audition for ‘Laal Singh’? 
I have said this before as well in interviews that nobody has ever told me – read these two scenes. And I wouldn’t eo it for anyone, not even for a Hollywood film. But I have auditioned only because it was Aamir Khan only because I know his intent. He will create a world and would just want to see if you fit into that world. Though in my head when I was doing the scene, I knew that I was doing the film and so did he. Saif said that when actors like you, start doing it here, that’s how things will change. Because in Hollywood, all the actors be it Al Pachino or any big actor – all of them do it. So when he told me I said okay let’s do it.

Tell us about ‘Laal Singh’ and how it has shaped up so far. 
What do you say about a person who is such a genius. It’s been an absolute honour and pleasure to be working with someone like Aamir who is so dedicated towards his craft which is what I love. What does one even say about him! The journey has just started and it’s quite exciting.

How do you strike a balance between the art form and being politically correct as an actor? 
There’s nothing like being politically correct. Because in today’s day and age we talk about things from a woman’s point of view; things which haven’t been spoken about before. So far, we’ve never spoken about a woman having a divorce or having an affair or a woman not having an orgasm in a marriage. But I did ‘Veere Di Wedding’ because it was spoken from a female’s point of view. Same with a film like ‘Ki and Ka’. That concept was also seen first time on-screen. So, there’ll always be an underlying message. So I am concious. Atleast if you see in the last couple of films I’ve done, you will see that element.

Do your choices reflect your thought process and also it’s amazing how you’ve done all those quintessential song and dance films along with a ‘Chameli’, ‘Omkara’. Now there’s such a variety as well. 
I love my song and dance which you even see in Good Newwz’ but there will be a bit of a difference. That’s why there are films like ‘Laal Singh’ and ‘Takht’ which is so different from each other. The characters are north pole and south pole. So I do make an effort to choose certain kind of roles. Also now there’s a time constraint. I feel like I am living on one leg because I am constantly balancing my time out. Whethet it is time with Saif or Taimur or Mom-in-law or my own family. Then there is 30-35 days of doing brands, 50 days to do another film. So I have limited time. I feel like if I don’t set rules and boundaries then everything will fall apart. As much as I would love to do three films which will all be different, I can’t.

Tell us your views on doing something on an OTT platform. 
I already have someone at home who’s set such a huge benchmark and that too, globally with ‘Sacred Games’. So obviously there will be a natural comparison now. He has made it difficult for me. Now he is doing another show with Ali Abbas for Amazon which is also really good and on a grand scale. So it has to be something amazing. But I am also scared to get on this platform. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine