Interview By: Drishti Pandey

Kartik Aryan aka the monologue guru who made an incredible impact on the younger audiences ever since ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ is all set for his fourth film venturing with Luv Ranjan the maker of PKP. Kartik in a candid mood talks to us about his film and how he looks upon his mentor – Luv Ranjan. Read on…

It’s your fourth film with Luv Ranjan how has it been, has the process  changed, are you more comfortable now?

Yeah from my first film to now he has seen how I’ve been working and how I’ve been performing so now there’s an easiness to it, a good  vibe and he is someone who has taught me a lot in terms of where I was really raw to what I am doing. I have come to a level where I can share my suggestions; that’s a different thing that he rejects it (laughs).  Basically my struggle was to get  in the industry but his thing is that you have to be at the right place, at the right time,  so with that I think I am blessed.  Since PKP our bond has grown stronger,  he understands me so well and I understand him so well.  Even he is an outsider and even me so we relate and understand each other quite well.

Will the audience see you with a monologue this time too?

This film has a monologue or no for that you will have to watch the film but the dialogues, punches, the audience will definitely get to see, even in the trailer we see such punches which stays with you.  As an actor I love saying such punches and as a team we cater to the audience who enjoy watching it. And the trailer and song’s have got huge response so that’s great for us.

Don’t you think people are approaching you with a mind set of doing only comedy genre ?

I believe it’s bound to happen and I don’t blame anyone.  At times what happens is our industry works in a very funny way, the distributor or the marketing team or the producers have in mind that the actors face value is much higher in comedy hence a actor is repeated in a particular genre and hence they get such films.  And for me I’ve been offered good films with good brands in the same genre and people are liking my work.  So the mind set is made and hence such offers come.  I am not afraid of being stereotyped,  as an actor I don’t feel being stereotype is something wrong.  So, whichever films are offered to me if I like them I will do;  irrespective to the similar genres I am offered – I’ll still do.

As an artist don’t you fear of being saturated ?

No I don’t think so,  I am a diehard fan of  Akshay sir,  I watch his films constantly be it comedy,  action, and now he’s into serious films.  I am just giving an example he is a superstar but how he managed to do so many comedy films constantly I would love to see him doing that now also.  I don’t think that saturation point ever comes.  Now he is doing social films I crave for that also,  that he should do more of it.  I am not saturated with comedy genre nor are my audience , they are loving it and I am doing it.  ( Smiles).

“I am not saturated with comedy genre nor are my audience , they are loving it and I am doing it”

Coming to how you started your career that time there wasn’t any web series so now that there are other platforms do you think  the new comers have a easier way to come in than you had?

I don’t think it’s easier,  right now also it’s very difficult to enter our industry and make a name.  When you look at it, it’s never been a easier way , it’s always difficult,  there are more avenues,  there are more medium but still difficult to make your name, gradually I feel it will get more difficult day by day.  Competition is always there and it’s good that web series have come but still a lot of competition.  So, I really value my position,  I’m always scared of it going away,  and also scared if I will reach to the level I wish to.  But I believe this fear is my motivation to help me grow and do better.

Talking about your work graph from the time you started till now you’ve received immense love and appreciation from the audience,  do you think you owe it to Luv Ranjan?

I owe everything to Luv sir, as I said before he is someone who has taught me a lot.  I had somehow learnt theory acting before entering the industry but the practicality of acting I learnt from Luv sir.  He is very good with words , good with explaining things.  So, you need that kind of mentor and I think he is the one with me. And today what I am I am because of him.

Any particular film you had a fear before its release?

Yes , I had a fear with the film ‘Akaash Vani’ , that film was very close to my heart I had given my sweat and blood to that film, in fact everyone of us had.  But somewhere I was getting a feeling before the release may be because of less promotions or what so ever, all this was in my mind and there was this fear if this film doesn’t work then what will happen,  and sadly it didn’t work at the box office.  So that was one film when I was disheartened and depressed thinking why this happened.  We released with ‘Race 2’ and we didn’t have screens, we didn’t have anything, we were just new. So now it comes on television and we receive messages with good comments. And that was one film which was close to my heart before PKP also.

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