Certificate: UA
Director: Akarsh Khurana
Starring: Irrfan Khan, Dulqeer Salmaan, Mithila Palkar
Screenplay: Akarsh Khurana and Adhir Bhat
Story: Bejoy Nambiar
Dialogue: Hussain Dalal

RSVP and Ishka films’  KARWAAN, is a story of three  people on a journey. As mix-ups go,  this one is weird. A man loses his  father in an accident but the body  delivered to him is of the mother of  a woman in another state. Avinash  Rajpurohit was not in talking terms  with his Dad off late because  Avinash wanted to do photography  and his father didn’t allowed him  to do so, but duty calls and he  agrees to meet the lady to  exchange coffins somewhere  between Bengaluru where he lives  and her home in Kochi. A few  hundred kilometres separate the  two cities but Avinash travels a  lifetime on that journey he makes  with his friend Shaukat and a  young woman called Tanya who  joins them along the way. All the  three characters are different from  each other Avinash is an introvert  guy, working in an IT company.  Shaukat is an outgoing but  conservative guy and Tania, who is  rebellious and likes adventure. What  binds the three together is that all of  them had some or the other issues  with their dad. Will this journey turn  their lives forever? This is what the  film talks about. The film offers a  nuance not often seen in Hindi  cinema or Indian cinema at large,  when it speaks of a generation gap  between youngsters separated in  age by perhaps a decade.

Technically the film is good.  Cinematography by Avinash Arun is  top notch; he has very well captured  the beautiful places and sceneries of  South India through his lens, Editing  by Ajay Sharma is also nice. Music is  amazing; the pick of the album is  “Chota SA Fasanaa”. Writing is good  but could have been better. The  characters are rather seen before ones. Dialogues by Hussain Dalal are good.

Performances wise Irrfan Khan is  just magnificent, he has the best  lines of the film but the way he  delivers is hilarious. Dulquer  Salmaan who is a South Indian film  industry superstar and marks his  Hindi film debut, performs nicely.  Though his character is seen before  one, he is able to bring freshness in  it. Even Mithila Palkar’s character is  also a seen before one but she lives  it very well.

Director Akasrh Khurana does a  better job with KARWAAN than  what he did with his previous film.  He built on the genre with his  quaint, quirky touch. He has done a  good job could have been better if  the characters would have been a  slight different than what we have  seen before.


At the Box-Office,

The film has got into a rough start and looks likely to struggle.

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