King Khan, Shah Rukh celebrated his birthday on Thursday, November 2. As his name appears it’s not just his persona which comes to mind but along with that his reel names Raj, Rahul altogether cross our minds. He has served 25 years of his extraordinary life to the silver screen and he is still going on. Along with being a good actor he has proved to be a good human as well throughout these years. His body of work will always be appreciated and remembered but what else can be said about him is that he is a man of dignity. Stardom is when crowd of thousands are waiting just for him to wave and get a glance of the man. People who have no limits and boundaries of love for him and they come from across the world. He has primarily been known for his romantic roles, but one can’t deny his vast array of performances also across various other genres. We had few trade experts, directors and producers who share their anecdotes about the actor. Here we go!


I feel he is a great actor and a superb human being. He has that charm and star quality which is needed in a superstar. Also the exhibitors and distributors know that when it’s a Shahrukh film its good for them as he is a very hard working man, so in his effort there is no compromise and no shortcuts. He works very hard for every film and it’s seen on the screen too even if the film doesn’t do well we can see him put efforts.


He is a very fine, gentle and helpful human being. He is of course talented and so his stardom is incredible but that’s his professional life, in his personal life he is very warm and caring. A person visited his house, he would come and drop down and also on the shoots if someone is injured he will personally take care of them by providing facilities. These are his personal traits he has which is rare in this cut throat industry. I really enjoyed working with him and have learnt a lot, also when such a big star is on set it also makes us feel lively. He is not a star on sets and treats everyone similar as he believes that people gave him the stardom. I wish him good luck.


He has a very charming personality and his friends from various places visited Maratha Mandir on his birthday to cut his cake and celebrate. I feel as far as his age is in consideration, he should change his characters and roles just like Amit ji did. He still has craze in audiences to watch his films but there was a time when he was appreciated for his roles. Now that has decreased which I feel if he changes the kind of roles he is doing that would make him go on for next ten years. DDLJ is still like fresh blood and completed 22 years which only SRK would have done. I remember he missed his fl ight to London for film shoot when I told him about his fans who eagerly wanted to meet and they were disabled children who travelled from Gujarat with my friend to meet him. He invited all of them to Mannat and was with him till 3:30 am and missed his flight which shows his generosity. On his birthday I wish him from bottom of my heart and may he live long.


Shahrukh is a superstar and before him it was Amitabh Bachchan in 70’s and it took 15 years for a guy to emerge and create that sort of stardom. He has popularity in France, Germany, UK and that is phenomenal which he has created throughout these years. Over the last ten years his interest has multiplied and he got into filmmaking, producing, entrepreneurship and also took interest in sports. He has become a brand and so much more than an actor, it’s very rare to see that kind of influence in an actor across the world. His personality really works for him as he is energetic and very difficult to ignore. People admire his quality hard work and the challenges he takes on. Shahrukh Khan Films are something everyone is waiting for, right from audience to the exhibiters, distributers because there is a lot of demand and craze for him.


People have a craze in India as well as overseas and he is a star. Despite his films not working, if he has one hit I am sure he will be back in game. Obviously content matters but in SRK’s film Friday will have a huge opening as his fans would love to watch his films no matter what. Exhibiters are always excited to show his films and there is never a problem to release his film and in fact they come running to him for the film. I wish him a very happy birthday and looking forward on his forthcoming films. Also would like to tell him that continue being in the industry for as long as you can.


With regards to his stardom and popularity, I think it has just grown over the years. People call him king of romance rightfully the way he has portrayed Raj and Rahul noone else could. Everyone is inspired by him and also the young generation for the way he romances; and even me. For me he is a text book where I can keep on learning and there’s so much to know. He was an outsider when he entered industry and the way he has worked so far is phenomenal. He started with lot of variety of roles and he was the one who was the first. Even if he comes on screen for few seconds like in ‘Ae Dil hai Mushkil’ he swept everyone away with his dialogue delivery. From producers point of view SRK film is something everyone want and people watch it with open eyes. He should keep doing what he is doing as he has pretty much got it.


I feel that his hard work and dedication works for him to go on. The kind of films he has served to the audience is really nice and it’s just that o lately he is not getting the right roles but with his dedication and work I am sure he will bounce back. You are on the top of your world when it’s a SRK film and you are always very confident about him, being an exhibitor. It might happen that sometimes things don’t work but for him it’s just the matter of time and once a hit is given his demand in market is always going to be same no matter what.


SRK is a true baadshah and what has not changed over these years is his phenomena. He has much more to give to Hindi cinema and his fans. He is the one who technically opened up the market abroad for the Hindi films. He is a global icon and flag bearer and face of Hindi cinema in the world. He is trying to change his lover boy image lately but he is constantly evolving and trying to give different things to people where love from people is constant but not the box office numbers. I wish him and hope he shares his charisma and love to all his fans.


SRK from being an anti-hero to a romantic hero to a star which has good acting abilities has lived the journey throughout. I thought he was more infl uential and specifi c about ‘Chennai Express’ and now I feel he should mature into roles like ‘Dear Zindagi’ and ‘Raees’ so that he gets out of the romantic persona and get in to the more likable characters in leads. Due to his stardom he has more time to select and try di erent genres. As a layman too I would like to see him in various genres. I wish him all the best for his career ahead and pray that he may live longer. It’s always been a mutual respect from exhibitors and distributors because of his acting skills but in last couple of years we see that the romantic roles are not much accepted compared to the new genres he is trying. I personally would like to see him doing grey roles as I loved ‘Raees’. A little bit of change in image would help him to go ahead few more years and for us to watch him for longer time.

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