Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Kirti is a learner who likes to learn different things and follow her dreams. One of it is acting and since she started off with a comedy film ‘Khichdi’, she adapted different roles in other films too. Her upcoming movie ‘Blackmail’ is a black comedy along with Irrfan Khan. We got into a candid conversation with her. Excerpts:-

How did being into the profession of acting come to you?

I have learnt management studies and while I was waiting to get into the industry, I thought of learning Journalism as well. Studies have never been about I will opt for what I am learning but it’s about what can I be taught new in various ways.

Have you learnt acting?
No I have never learnt acting, nor theatre or had any experience. So I started off with ads and I didn’t know much about acting but I knew I wanted to be an actor. Then I learnt in workshops and started doing theatre and have done plays back to back to learn and I have learnt acting on work.

How did you get on board with the film ‘Blackmail’?

I was shooting for ‘Indu Sarkar’ and that’s when they approached me, so then I read the script and it was super fun as it’s a black comedy which was a different genre. Also I am not playing a good role so it sounds fun and that’s how I came on board.

Such rare genres of films can be a risk sometimes, so did you give it a thought once?

Yes, it might go wrong but with the team which we had with Abhinay who made ‘Delly Belly’ earlier with known sensibility and huge experience. Irrfan is also part of it so sometimes you need to go with your gut and things might go right or wrong.

Have you every blackmailed anyone?

Yes we all do that everytime. We always do emotionally blackmail people around us.

How was is working with Irrfan Khan?

He is a very easy person to be around and act with. He will also advise you on sets and help. Irrfan has a very quirky way of looking at everything. If you give him a situation and the way he will react to it will be very out of the box, you can’t think of it and that’s what keeps him at the edge.

After the film ‘Khichdi’ we never saw you doing comic role, you don’t enjoy doing such films?

I totally enjoyed doing it but later the kind of films which I did were serious and different so people stopped watching me in such role and also such scripts should come to me which interests me. But here I am back to doing a black comedy.

How satisfied are you with your journey till now?
I am very satisfied and pleased with my journey and I feel right things happen to you at right time.

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