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Fresh from success of ‘Uri’, Kirti Kulhari is back with ‘Four More Shot Please’ – the feedback to that also being amazing. We catch up with Kirti Kulhari to talk about the show and more…

What excited you the most about ‘Four More Shots Please’?
What really excited about the show was that so many people were coming together to make this happen and it seemed like the right phase to approach something like this. It’s a bold show, and I’m not just saying it in terms of the intimate scenes but even the subject we are dealing with, the kind of characters we’re presenting to you – it’s a bold show! You’ve not seen this being presented to you earlier. The third reason was, I wanted to do something which also liberates me as a person, artist and takes me higher. As an actor, while I’ve done a couple of intimate scenes before, it was never to this extent. I saw it as an opportunity to really push myself as an actor and get comfortable with these kind of scenes. To put myself out there to be judged by everyone, to be loved by everyone, or criticised by everyone – I just wanted to take those chances and do what I believed in, as an actor.

Having said that your choices in films have been bold, in the sense of being something risky or out of the box, isn’t it? And what was it that went behind these choices?
That’s what I do believe and also keep saying, that be it ‘Pink’, or ‘Indu Sarkar’ or even ‘Blackmail’ where I’m playing a woman who has an extra-marital affair – those choices are bold and different from how people see Bollywood’s heroine. It’s very simple for me, to begin with. As an audience, if I don’t enjoy something, I’d rather not be a part of it. It’s tough sometimes to be this person because then, you are losing out on a lot of things, which in general people are latching on to. That’s another reason I’ve not done television because I don’t enjoy watching television. This is a very simple thing which goes beyond my choices. The fun I get from a challenging character – I enjoy it so much, that I don’t like to play safe. I don’t think you’ll ever see me repeating a character. The fun part of it is what gets me going, and my choices are based on that. Also, I’m constantly, battling my fears to anything. If there’s something and I have a fear in me, and want to battle it, I just dive into it. Also, I’ve grown as a person every day and as an actor. What excited me to do it back then, wouldn’t excite me anymore. I would rather do one thing, which will come from deep inside, and give my every thing to it. It’s not a job for me, it’s a very important part of my life and I like to give it all. It should be worth for me to give it all.

As the acceptance further backed your intuition and gut?
I’m very selfish about my choices – the only person I think of, while making choices is me. Having said that, the reason why people are accepting me, sending me love is because, people in general, like people who don’t play safe. I think, deep inside we want to be as brave to make choices in life that don’t necessarily play to the general rules of the society. The reason why, people relate to my work is because they see someone in me, who’s had the courage to go all out with her choices. And even if people had not accepted me, I would still make those choices. I am happy and thankful to everyone who gets what I’m trying to do.

How much have you evolved as a person over the years?
I’m growing every day I think. I’m a better person, a stronger person. Infact, just today morning, I had my French class and I know I can be this person who can make mistakes but I’m not going to be bothered about playing it right. I will just play. If I can put it in few words, then I’d say, the awareness of who I am, has increased over the years. The confidence to make choices that resonate with who I am deep inside, has increased. Also, the need for validation from the outside world, that has also decreased. So, these are just the few things I can point out on.

How fulfilling has the feedback to ‘Uri’ been?
I’ve heard things from people from the Air Force, that I looked like a pilot and that was a big compliment. A lot of people said that there was so intensity in the character, eventhough I didn’t say word throughout the film, people still got it. So, I’m very happy. Trade Magazine



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