We get in chat with KirtiKulhari for her upcom- the filming movie ‘Mission Mangal’. She has been in the industry for quite a long time now. With her last, ‘Four More Shots Please’ people have started loving her more as an actor. She tells us about why an actor’s body of work is important, why she would never call herself a lead in the movie, how the perspective towards an ensemble cast in changing and much more…

After ‘Pink’ released you said in an interview, “don’t understand the concept of ‘leads’ because actors are actors” but now in ‘Mission Mangal’ you’ll are five actresses… So what do you have to say about it now?

That is exactly what I’m proving now. I still believe in what I said back then because through my work I’m speaking the same thing. I am really happy to see that everybody is getting comfortable with the idea of co starring with other people who are at the same level. We don’t see much in Bollywood that people come together as an ensemble cast. I see that is changing now and I’m glad that more people believe in the idea that actors are actors. When it comes to me, people do look at me in the same way and when anybody comes to me, they don’t think that this is not a lead role, how will I approach her? I m very open if there is something interesting and I don’t know about others but I’m open to the offer.

One of your fans questioned you lately ‘ Why are we not seeing you in the lead role despite having such quality and so much work to your credit’?

Firstly I want to understand what you mean by lead work? When I did ‘URI’, in my head I was the lead, I’m playing Seerat Kaur but lead comes to your head because you see hierarchy of stardom and that’s how people look at it. I was doing ‘Four more shots’ where I’m in the lead but I’m sharing the space with 3 other girls but I’m still the lead. I am really ashamed to call myself lead and I’m being very honest about it that if I’m sharing the screen space with anybody even for one scene but still I wouldn’t call myself lead because I’m still just playing a character. The moment I get stuck in the whole realm of lead or supporting cast and people won’t know nor I would be able to talk about it but it’s on the audience to decide because honestly, I’m away from it.

How do you choose the work that you want to do?

There are a couple of things. First is, I don’t like to do the same role twice. When a person comes to me with the same type of role, my first reaction will start from being negative because I have already done it. When someone comes to me, I see to it that it is something new and that’s when I really start looking into it so that is my first criteria. Other than this, it’s the subject and I always believe that an actor should never be bigger than the film. I never want to be bigger than the story of the film. When I watch a film and someone stands out and not the story of the film so that’s when the film has failed for me. Subject of course matters tome, for example ‘URI’, why did I say yes to do it even if I have 5 scenes in it? Because of the subject being so big and for me being a part of it is a really big thing. I have worked really hard for Seerat Kaur even if I have 5 scenes. The subject combined with the character I’m playing are two criterias and the director is the third criteria. Why director? To know who the person is, who is envisioning all of this and what type of a person is he. Fourth criteria is when I’m giving my best to it and almost 200 people are working on it so will this film have a future and what type of future will it. Forget about people liking it, but will it be reaching the people?

You said, it is a great thing to see an ensemble cast come together but Akshay Kumar has a different point of view to it. So do you think with ‘Mission Mangal’, things will change?

He has a different point of view because of what he has seen and what his experiences are. ‘Mission Mangal’ for me is a complete different experience and it is a 3rd ensemble for me. I believe in the fact that things are changing and it’s going to inspire others to take up films where they will share the screen space with others.

After ‘Khichdi’ we have not really seen you doing a comedy film so do you want to do it in the coming future?

I would love to do romantic comedy because I personally really love it but somehow people think that the people who are empowered, strong don’t have a romantic side. I’m open to everything but I’m sure it will come my way and when it comes I’ll do it.

Would you be comfortable doing the glamorous roles or playing women empowerment roles?

It depends on what I am doing. Even if I’m playing a glamorous role like am I just there? Maybe at some point I’ll just be there. Only if it benefits my positioning because my ultimate goal is to reach to everybody through my work and if doing a commercial film helps me to reach masses then I’ll do the role. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine