Interview By: HASTI DOSHI

Kriti who was last seen in ‘Guest Inn London’ is all set for her upcoming Hindi romantic drama ‘Shaadi me Zaroor Aana’ where we can see her in different role from her earlier ones. She is straight forward whether it’s her daily life, professional or if it’s social media trolling, so you wouldn’t like to be on her bad side. Holding an image of an audacious girl and at the same time cheerful is what describes her persona. Let’s get into the quick chat for her upcoming film and much more. Excerpts –

You started off with south films and three films down in Bollywood, how has it been for you?

It’s been a really long journey, I have been working close to seven years now and I have been enjoying every bit of it. I think I have only grown to love cinema and I wouldn’t change anything of it. Everyone tells me you should have come to Bollywood earlier but I am glad I didn’t come. Because the kind of films which are made today are exactly the ones which I wanted to be part of.

So did Bollywood just happen to you, or did you have plans for it?

Films were just a hobby and I got into movies at a very young age. What kept me going was when at such young age you start earning you feel good and that drives you and you get carried away. It’s only two years ago I had a calling that you know what I am serious about something and I want to be a serious actor. This is what I want to do in my life and this is what defines me. In these two years I gave my 1000% and earlier I used to give 100% of my hard work and effort.

‘Razz Reebot’ was horror flick, ‘Guest in London’ was comedy and now this film is a drama, so is it your constant try to do various genres?

I feel I am very fortunate, as people usually get typecast. If you do horror, you get typecast for same or if comedy then get typecast for comedy but the filmmakers who have chosen me because they saw something in me which others didn’t. Having said that I am not a big enough star to make a choice of film. I can’t decide that I want to work for this film or no, the director won’t choose me that way, I can wish for it but I can’t demand it. I think I might have played very honestly and that’s why it happened purely by chance and not intentionally.

What pattern you follow in choosing a film for yourself?

The idea is to keep working. I believe out of sight, out of mind and I do not want to leave anyone’s mind so I make sure I am in sight.

How was it working with Rajkumar Rao?

Absolutely phenomenal, everyone knows he’s a great actor but the truth is he is a great co- actor as well. He is very supportive and he appreciates talent, honesty and cinema. I think that’s what we have in common. We are same but still different in many ways and I genuinely enjoy that.

Shifting from doing a south film to Bollywood, other than language what else is different?

I work with new people every day of my life. The main thing about 9 to 5 job is you know the people and you get comfortable. For me there’s no difference and similarly the entire journey is emotional, because you work on a film for 2 months you build a relationship and in the end you are asked to get up and move to another film and again they you are making relationship. You miss what you had but you enjoy the current situation too, so that’s very difficult for me.

These days content is the hero, does that go same for you or you do something that interests you more? What kind of genres interest you?

Honestly it’s not about genre, it can be a script I like. Tomorrow if Sriram Raghavan and Imtiaz Ali come to me with a script I would agree to do it without reading or knowing about it. Content of course is king but sometimes you have to go with your gut. Also some people have some great vision and are not great writers so you have to go with your gut feeling and leap of faith, because sometimes you have fabulous script and it doesn’t work on screen. I think being an actor is about going with your gut feeling as there’s no formula to know that this film will work or not.

“I believe out of sight, out of mind and I do not want to leave anyone's mind so I make sure I am in sight”

Tell us something about your character in this film.

I play Aarti Shukla who’s a very vulnerable, sweet, filmy and ambitious girl. She’s got a little bit of everything but more than anything she is traditional in her thinking. She’s a normal girl and as Indian women and girls we are told that once you reach an age of 22 you will be married and with this traditional thinking she is brought up and she is okay with it and understands that.

According to you what will keep audience engaging in this film the most?

I feel it’s the content and entertainment value. Entertainment is still secondary but content is main and the relatability of the characters. Earlier we used to sell dreams and today we sell reality, that’s a truth. The more real you are then the more relatable your character is and the more glued people feel to the screen because someone somewhere is looking for their own story and may be answers to their own questions and help them to build dream.

As it’s a digital world now, would you like to work on digital platforms as well?

I will do anything to act and any kind of acting even if it’s digital I will do it. But of course a good content should be present for the same. With a movie it’s a two hour thing and with a web series you need to hold people’s attention for the entire week to the next episode so that needs to excite me on a different level.

Apart from films what is something you like to do in your free schedule?

I love painting, but the thing is I paint for myself and then throw it because I don’t want anyone to see my art (giggling). I do that for myself, so very rarely I even post anything on social media. Also I am watching re – run of Friends series because it’s my favourite. Also during promotions we are so stressed watching something you have already seen freshens you up and you don’t have to put extra brains in watching something new and registering it in brain. I like to watch lot of sitcoms.

What’s next?

I am shooting for ‘Veere Ki Wedding’ with Pulkit Samrat and doing ‘Yamala Pagala Deewana Phirse’ with Dharam sir, Bobby and Sunny sir. I will join them from 12th November soon after the release of SMZA.

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