Interview By: Sagar Desai

Kriti Kharbanda who has become very popular among the youth meets us for an interview where she explains to us her role in the upcoming film, ’Veerey Ki Wedding’ and the improvements she has done as an actress in a fun and candid chat.

How are you feeling that Mr. President saw your movie Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana?

You have no idea, when Vinod Sir messaged me I was like what is going on, when a small film gets that kind of response and that feeling is something different. We keep on thinking that how many people will see your movie and till how many people will it reach, because sometimes many good movie don’t get to see the light, unfortunately those films release are not planned, with us also there were so many issues but I think mostly I want to give the credit to Ratna ma’am because she never gave up. Normally after the first week of release if there are problems than people give up but she didn’t, she knew her product is good and it will reach till the people. She is someone definitely I look up to and admire.

So, if a part two is made will you work again?

I am there in the movie I don’t know about anything else but I know for a fact that Ratna ma’am loves Raj and me too. She will make sure it’s both of us.

You are doing brilliant work in South, so what difference do you find in south films and Bollywood?
I don’t think there is any difference, tell me, does everyone comes in your office on time, someone will surely come late but you all work in the same office so why is there no discipline. The same way in industry there is no discipline only people are disciplined. So there are these types of people who anywhere will reach on time and vice versa. So it has nothing to do with the industry it has everything to do with people.

If we talk about work where is it easy to get work over there or in Bollywood?

Where do you get work easily in industry? you don’t, if you would have got work easily in any industry then everybody would have gone over there only. It’s not easy, it’s very difficult. There are so many talented actors who are out of work today, it’s unfortunate. Even if you get work easily then also at times you are not happy, the whole idea is if competition was not tough then everybody would have done everything. The whole idea is you bring together ten people who are best at that job but you have to be better than the best, you have to try and make that effort. And sometimes you also need to be at the right place at the right time. It has happened with me many times where I have felt that I wasn’t at the right place at the right time.  But nothing is easy I wish it was.

How did you prepare for your role in ‘Veerey Ki Wedding’?

In this movie honestly the pressure was there on me because this girl Geet is from Delhi, I am from Delhi but I was only born in Delhi, so it became difficult for me to pick up that lingo, It had become very difficult. I am brought in Bangalore, you make me speak Kannada, and Telugu to bring that accent for me is very easy. So for me to get that typical Punjabi Delhi accent was very difficult. But before dubbing I made sure that I interacted with a lot of people, acting I knew I will be able to do it, I was not worried about that. But dubbing is something that I really had to work hard for in this film. Because Geet is also very high pitched, to practice that had become very difficult, that is something I really work hard at because there is a very fine line between irritating and being in the character. So Geet was getting borderline irritating for me because I was sounding a slight weird. This won’t do it, so I took two days break, tried a few more accent and finally I dubbed.

How was your experience while shooting in Delhi?

It was amazing; I gave a surprise to my family at India Gate. Nobody knew that I was shooting in Delhi and my entire family once in a month meet for a picnic. So I had told to one of my cousin that tell me where are all of them meeting, he said meeting at India Gate. Then when I met them over there, their reactions were priceless. This was the best feeling in Delhi.

When it comes to films, how do you choose your films, what excites you the most?

I just pray and hope that just my gut feeling goes right. But I think for me the most important thing is the director because a good director can make an ordinary script seen awesome and a bad director can make a great script something very crappy.

So if the script is fantastic but the director is new so will you be willing to work with him?

Of course with a new director we do workshops, I normally tend to do workshops; it also has a lot to do with the vibe you share with the person. When you meet a person for the first time, you realize that whether will I be able to work with him or not, if you can then you take it forward and you do the workshops and you figure what to do next. If the first vibe is incorrect then I feel like no he is too arrogant, he is someone I can’t work with, or maybe he is not serious about his craft, even if I get a certain amount of negativity from the person I distance myself for those people.

Would you like to be known as a star or an actress?
Actress because star I will become any ways, to become a good actress is very important because then you won’t be able to enjoy. I will keep on doing only one type of films and fans will come only for that, I want to be a Star but what’s the point of being a Star when I can’t be true to my craft.

Since your first movie ‘Razz Reboot’ to your latest ‘Veerey Ki Wedding’, how much improvement you have brought in you as an actress?

A lot, haven’t you seen Raaz Reboot, when I see it sometimes I am like what was I doing, what was I thinking. There is a lot of improvement that has come, I have not seen Veerey yet but definitely, Shaadi Mein Zarror Aana is my best so far.

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