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The beautiful, talented and full of enthusiasm Kriti Kharbanda is all set to be seen along with the Deol’s in YAMLA PAGLADEEWANA, expresses how excited she is working with the Deol’s, how she became a part of the film and many more in a chat with us.

What is the name of your character in the film?

Chiku, Chiku Patel. So I asked the makers why this name, the makers thought it sounds very cool. First I thought that it is a nickname but the truth is my name is actually Chiku in the film.

You once said it was a dream comes true moment for you to work with Dhramendra Sir, so how was the entire experience?

The thing is I never expected that I will develop a good vibe with him, our relationship now has happened so good with him, recently we were shooting, so I went to meet him, his shoot had completed and mine was about to start. So I went touched his feet, then he said to me that there is a video named Boomerang I want to do that so let’s do it, so we did first doing Namaste and then a few others, after that he said now download this and give me. So your relationship and now become like this, it’s very cooler, we actually talk about this things. Then he asked me a couple of things about Instagram and as everyone knows he is very active on Instagram, so it feels really nice and sometimes I feel like my Grandfather was alive, I would probably have this kind of a conversation with him and it’s a very warm relationship, he is a very warm person. I think when you all will meet him, he will meet you as both of you know each other since a long time, he wants to know what you have done, he wants to know what you are doing right now, he is that kind of a person, so the glitters that I had first has turned into a friendly vibe. He makes you feel comfortable. It’s very surreal for me that am doing a film with all the three Deols.

Which was his first movie that you saw?

CHUPKE CHUPKE, because it’s my Dad’s favorite film and I remembered it’s his few films that I have watched and oh! My God how can one look so handsome even in driver’s uniform. So that’s mine first memory of him.

Suuny Sir is a very preserved person so who broke the ice between you both?

I did, because I cannot remain quite for a long time. Firstly I sit quite for many hours but then I genuinely started talking, firstly I asked him about his film GADAR, then I told him to say the “DHAI KILO KA HAATH”  dialogue for me and he said do not ask me this again. He is like why are asking me to do this, you are working with me. Fans do that and I was like but even I am a fan of yours. I am a little afraid of me because I think he has got this personality. He is in his zone, we broke the ice because of food he loves food, so we use to discuss what we will eat when we will go here and there.

What made you say yes to the film?

Honestly when I got the film offer it was a very tempting offer but I was very clear that I need to hear the script to understand what my role would be and how much my contribution to the film would be, if my character is there only was dancing and all, it’s not that I don’t do that but I need to know where I will have a standing in the film. Then I read the script, I had auditioned for the movie because they wanted to see me in character because I am playing a doctor in the film an ENT specialist so they wanted to see me in character at that point, so I did that also and then I told them you select first and if you are comfortable then I would want to hear the script and after that we will talk further and they were very corporative like that, I gave my test when they thought that they can cast me. Then they called me to office and the director Sir gave me a narration and I actually said yes the second I heard the script. so this is how I became a part of the film.

What were the challenges you had to face while performing your character?

 For me I think the most and the only challenge was to talk Gujarati because even if you talk two lines in a scene but till the time you don’t get the accent properly and the flow, it does not sound authentic on camera and that was something I was very skeptical about but fortunately they gave me a lot of time that I do my practice and then I do dubbing. I have dubbed it thrice because I was not very convinced and they were very patience, till the time I was not satisfied they allowed me to do it. So the producers and director were very co- operative that way. You find a movie difficult to shoot only when the people are difficult.  If you are an actor in a true sense, it’s not the character are difficult, it’s the people that are difficult. That’s when you say that I did not enjoy while shooting the film. You don’t have any issue with the character; you don’t enjoy what is around you. For me I have been very blessed that through my career so far I have never had any such problems.

You are doing a lot of rom- com films, basically happy cinema, so do you want to do intense, serious, dark character films and other type of films?

I want to play a character like Urmila Matondkar played in EK HASEENA THI, as a character I want to do that, as a film I would love to do a period drama. So I think those are two things that are still on my checklist, I saw the trailer of PATAKHA and I messaged Sanya and I said its fantastic, it’s very raw and the girls Radhika and Sanya have done so well, so that’s another kind of film that I would love to do, so  I messaged Vishal Sir a few days ago and I am like Sir and he is like yeah I know but again you know it’s the characters, it’s the directors, you need to know how to handle things. A lot of films may be great, you thought it is very good but the result of it does not come out as expected, so that depends on the director. I think PATAKHA look’s fantastic, so I would love to do a film like that.

Where do you feel more comfortable in South industry or Hindi industry?

At home, an actor is working almost 24 hours a day, at any given point if I am not enjoying on a film set, it does not matter which language it is if it’s not comfortable then it is not comfortable, there is no such good and bad industry, its good and bad people. It makes a lot of difference with whom you are working and which language they are speaking. Today Bollywood is helping out people in Kerela, as a fraternity we are making an effort and we are supporting our Malayalam actors who are posting things we make sure we re- tweet, we make sure we are helping them.

How Kriti is a person in real life?

Kriti is very straight forward, I am a very emotional person, I am extremely sensitive. I care too much about people and I think that’s one of my biggest drawbacks in my life but as a person I think I am very strong because only I know my story and I feel very proud sometimes that I have survived a lot. That’s how I am, love me as I am otherwise leave.

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