The famous face down south KritiKharbanda is making her impact felt in Bollywood. After ‘Raaz Reboot’ we see the actress in a comedy genre ‘ GuestIin London’ with a vibrant look and has a promising screen presences. She is charming and beautiful inside out. She talks to us about her films and her journey and how she loves what she is doing. Read on…

You’re a super star down south, what was the starting point to establish in Bollywood?

Actually it happened by chance I had never had an intension and I would love to do a Hindi film but I had not put in a conscious effort, the Bhatts had seen some of my pictures so they met me and didn’t even take my test, we had just met once and we signed a three film deal in which ‘Raaz Reboot’ I’ve done and two more are on the floor(Smiles).

After ‘Raaz Reboot’, how have things changed in Bollywood for you?  How did ‘Guest Iin London’happen to you?

It’s a very funny story about ‘Guest Iin London’ one week after ‘Raaz Reboot’ release I had got a call that there’s a movie and my name was recommended by Luv Ranjan sir who is the director of ‘PyaarKaPunchnama’ we had met 5 years ago and before ‘Raaz Reboot’ release; and he recommended my name which was sweet of him. But the director of ‘Guest Iin London’ was’nt sure of me because I looked a little elderly in my previous movie but Luv Ranjan sir explained that her character was that in the movie andso that he can at least meet me.  And when they met me they were surprised saying I look small and I said yeah I was just playing the character.  Then I met Ashwni sir when I met him we both greeted each other and introduced each other; then he asked me “Aur beta kyachalrahahai?”  And I replied “Aur sir fog chalrahahai”     (Laughs).  He just stared at me for 5 seconds and there were two more people in the room who busted out laughing. Then he gave the brief about my role and we decided how to go about it.Later in time he told me that, that moment he decided that I will be his heroine for this film (Laughs). But all and all the casting director Vicky Sadana and Luv Ranjan sir were the two people who firstly recommended my name for this movie.

Tell us about your character and what is that one thing that you take back and relate to?  

I wouldn’t say I take back from this character but I’ve given a lot to this character, personally. She is a lot like me. She is hungry for love, she’s passionate and ambitious, and I’m playing a taxi driver in the movie; so for me no job is small or big I can do anything to survive. She’s got that fire in her and I feel I give that personally to the character because that’s who I am and I love myself and I love doing things for myself. She’s a Gujarati girl based in London, she’s a London citizen so the one thing I did work on was on the accent;it’s very important to bring in a certain accent to bring in the honestly in the character but at the same time not too much also that it gets tough for the audience to understand.

Working down South and in Bollywood the technicality remains the same, what’s that one thing that’s different and you miss here? 

The only perk of shooting in Bengaluru was that I use to get food from home which my mother use to make and send for me so that’s something I really miss but apart from that it’s the same.  Now also when I shoot there, there’s nothing that I miss of here. It’s a great feeling just to work in good films and as an actor I’m very hungry and as it is I always be hungry you just give me food I can eat the whole day. So acting and food are the two most important things in my life.

“I love people who don’t believe in pleasing and say what’s there in their mind”

How was your experience working with Co-actor Aaryan and also veteran actors like PareshRawal and TanviAzmi?

It was absolutely entertaining because all three are hilarious in their own way, and to that matter even me; so if we all were put in one room we would create havoc. It’s going to be a very entertaining film and people are going to walk out of the theatre having a smile on their face.

What’s your perceptive about a guest and have you being in such a situation any time?

Yeah I had been in this situation but it wasn’t at home, it was in a hotel when I was shooting in Telugu in Hyderabad. So I had got a call from my friend asking where I am so I told her I’m here in so and so hotel and shooting; so she was like great ill come to meet you. The next day was Sunday and she came to meet me at my hotel so we met and stuff, then I asked her if she did her check in because she had a bag with her and she replied no saying she thought she’ll be staying at same hotel as mine so why not stay together. That moment I was just trying to digest the fact what she had told me.  And since I only double bed which I hate to share but I had no options; so I told her –“listen tomorrow my mother will be coming and I have two days shoot too”, so if she could book another room for herself but she was like no problem once mom comes I’ll check in to another room.  After my shoot when I reach the hotel I see her there with her bag open and I wonder what she is still doing here. She then asks me what time my mother is going to come and I had nothing to say so I said her plans got cancelled so she will come later; so then she was like oh then I don’t need another room and she cancelled her room which she was suppose to move in. Later she told me she’ll be leaving the next day so I was like cool enough, I left for shoot and again when I’m back she’s there in my room and she explains it to me that she has a night flight and so she will stay one more day. I was getting mad with all this. Keeping my calm I went for my shoots and she went out partying that night and came midnight not in her senses and she woke me up and talking about and crying about her life and telling me stories, so she didn’t let me sleep that night. Anyhow I slept and then went for shoot the next morning. Later in the morning I get a message from her saying she is leaving so I was like thank god. (Smiles) and then after that when I reached my hotel room I just fell in my bed and I was so relaxed that I didn’t want anything then. It was a very bad experience (laughs).

Which is one ideal role you wish to play in Bollywood?

I want to do something that has a slightly negative shade, slightly grey area and if you ask me about a particular character then there was a film ‘EkHasinaThi’.UrmilaMatondkar, Saif Ali khan, SriramRaghavan is the director and I really love his work and he is someone I really want to work with and I want to play what Urmila had done in that, very cold.

How was your experience working with director Ashwni?

He is very straight forward person and that’s what I love about him because I am like that. He doesn’t sugarcoat things nor is he scared of anyone. And the honesty is shown in his work because he isn’t scared to tell anything or to anyone he simply tells may it be veteran actors.  I love people who don’t believe in pleasing and say what’s there in their mind. As a director he knows what he wants and he is very clear with his actors and he shoots very fast, we finished the film in 45 days we would probably finish in 35 days but we were shooting in aboard so time constrains was the issue otherwise he is a very fast director.

We saw you in a horror genre and comedy, what’s next that’s coming?

After this film I’m, doing a family drama with Rajkummar Rao it’s called ‘ShaadimaiZaroorAana’ so it’s a very family orientated, funny, dramatic film and it’s a very different film from this and it’s look and character is very U.P based. So in that I have done a lot of preparation in terms of language and accent and in fact from there my Hindi has become much more better from there not that my Hindi was bad but it got more fluent and nice, like I learnt highly intense words in Hindi so that is something I really enjoyed and worked for that character.

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